Men’s Crop Top: A History of Wackiness That You Should Know

Men’s Crop Top
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Men’s crop top sounds outrageous, right? Not more outrageous than the fact that it is actually a thing in the world of fashion and, right now, a tried and tested classic. Many celebrities, from Zac Efron to Johnny Depp, have sported crop tops for both the paparazzi and in their personal lives. Moreover, there was just something about the 90s that had people try out the midriff flaunting style in full glory.

Madonna, Britney Spears, Christina and the Spice Girls all took the outfits to their performances and set the stage on fire. We take a look at the most famous celebrities who wore crop tops even though they were, traditionally speaking, from the other end of the gender spectrum. 

The Smoking Hotties

The first person on this list is the ever-young, ever-handsome Zac Efron. Just when we were starting to think the midriff show was only for chics, Efron rolled up in a glorious crop top. He showed up in the garment on the sets of his flick Dirty Grandpa. The fringed crop top looked rather glam with the lime green and yellow striped trousers.

Furthermore, did we mention the blood flecks on the trousers, which looked mysterious and goth at the same time? If anyone can rock a crop top with complimentary blood, it is Zac Efron. See 80’s men’s crop top. 

Now, Efron is far from the first celebrity who turned up in a crop top. Kid Cudi and Pete Wenz have also cropped up (pun intended) in the men’s crop top. Moreover, it seems like a new pandemic has caught hold of these people. But we aren’t complaining since the flood of smoking-hot pictures does not seem to stop. By the way, are you a fan of old pop classics? Here is one for you.

The Smoking Hotties
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The Demigods

A Nightmare on Elm Street is one of the scariest movies in the world. There can be no doubt about it. However, it also has some visually contrasting frames. Because it is also the flick which allowed us a glimpse at a young Johnny Depp who, by the way, looked like a veritable demigod back then, Depp dumped all other garments for a football crop top which looked glam as hell.

At least the fans who watched the movie were swooning over his drop-dead gorgeous looks. But then, we always knew if there was someone who could wear a crop top and disturb the dreams of a hundred, it had to be Johnny Depp. See men’s crop top 80’s. 

The Demigods
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Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure comes next on this list with its trend of showing hot guys in hot crop tops. By the way, we think Keanu Reeves is one of the most handsome men on earth. In fact, we think he has drunk from the fountain of youth or something. Bill’s signature crop top sweatshirt from the movie is just something to die for. The film was memorable for a lot of reasons, and we daresay the crop top was definitely one of them. 

Apart from this, the pop legend Prince also performed in a crop top for most of his career. Mark Wahlberg did some ads for Calvin Klein in the early 90s alongside Kate Moss. And I think we do not need to mention Will Smith and his crop top look in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. 


1. Can guys wear crop tops?

Any kind of a man can wear crop tops. 

2. What is a crop top for men?

A crop top for men exposes for midriff, navel or abdomen.

3. Do boys wear crop tops?

Yes boys look good in crop tops. 

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