Unsuccessful Draft Picks: An Analysis by The New York Times

Unsuccessful Draft Pick

Every year, the NFL draft is filled with excitement and anticipation as teams select the next generation of football stars. However, not every draft pick turns out to be a success. In fact, some picks end up being a complete bust. The New York Times recently conducted an analysis of unsuccessful draft pick nyt and the results may surprise you.

The Study

The New York Times analyzed data from the past 10 NFL drafts, looking at the first round picks from each year. They defined an unsuccessful draft pick as a player who did not play in at least 50 games or start in at least 25 games. The results showed that out of the 320 first round picks, 103 were considered unsuccessful, which is roughly one-third of all first round picks.

The Top Teams

NFL Draft
by Daniel McCullough (https://unsplash.com/@d_mccullough)

The analysis also looked at which teams had the most unsuccessful draft picks. Surprisingly, the New York Giants topped the list with 8 unsuccessful picks out of 10 first round selections. The Cleveland Browns and Jacksonville Jaguars tied for second with 7 unsuccessful picks each. On the other hand, the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots had the fewest unsuccessful picks with only 1 each.

The Most Common Positions

The New York Times also broke down the data by position, revealing which positions had the most unsuccessful picks. Wide receivers topped the list with 23 unsuccessful picks, followed by defensive ends with 18. Quarterbacks, who are often considered the most important position, had 14 unsuccessful picks. This data shows that even top prospects at highly coveted positions can still end up being unsuccessful draft picks.

The Crossword Connection

by tam wai (https://unsplash.com/@samtillo)

For those who enjoy solving the New York Times crossword puzzle, you may have noticed a recurring clue for “unsuccessful draft pick nyt.” This clue has appeared 5 times in the past 10 years, with the answer being “bust” each time. This connection between the New York Times and unsuccessful draft picks adds an interesting layer to the analysis.

The Impact

The analysis by The New York Times sheds light on the reality of the NFL draft and the risk involved in selecting top prospects. It also highlights the importance of thorough research and scouting in order to avoid unsuccessful draft picks. For teams, a high number of unsuccessful picks can have a significant impact on their success on the field. For players, being labeled as a bust can have a lasting effect on their career and reputation.


The NFL draft is a highly anticipated event, but it is not a guarantee for success. The analysis by The New York Times serves as a reminder that even top prospects can end up being unsuccessful draft picks. It also emphasizes the importance of thorough research and scouting in order to make successful picks. As the saying goes, “drafting is an art, not a science,” and this analysis proves just that.

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