Best Women’s Dirtbike Riding Gear {for Fall Riding}

Women's Dirtbike Riding Gear

Getting yourself ready for fall trail riding means more than just changing out your apparel as the weather shifts. That’s an important part of staying comfortable and safe, but there’s a lot more to it. Fall riding means changing conditions, multiple types of possible terrain in one event that were uncommon during the summer months, and surprises like an overnight storm turning a dirt course into a mud run. It can also be the most rewarding time of year to ride, as colors change and leaves drop and visibility extends because the foliage is out of your way. Here’s what you need to shop to be ready for that shift.

Tires and Dirt Bike Mods

Look wherever you find the best aftermarket motorcycle parts to find fall-specific mods. It’s a good idea to tune your bike up at the end of the summer, so you know your fall mileage will be from an engine that runs strong. If it’s time to replace brake pads, consider an upgrade to a performance set for better handling. Otherwise, you’ll want to at least check out some fall tire sets. All-terrain tires that have an emphasis on wet and slick traction, mud, or even frozen ground might be handy, depending on how late in the year you ride. At the very least, you’ll want to check the hours and miles on all your wear parts, changing out everything that’s due for replacement. You’ll also want to consider upgrading your lights for better visibility on short days.

Apparel and Safety

When it gets rainy, you need a face shield to maintain visibility and avoid wind chapping and a constant stream of cold water in your face. That’s why your fall helmet needs to be set up to protect you from anything the weather tosses your way. Anti-fog protection is also a must, as the cooler mornings will create the kind of temperature differential inside and outside your helmet that leads to fogging. You can easily find Best motorcycle helmet under 200 if you do some research. You’ll also want to make sure your apparel is flexible enough to change as the day warms up and cools back down.

  • Shop for layers, but get padded motorcycle clothing for protection
  • Consider investing in a dirt bike graphics riding jacket or even a full suit for optimum protection from the mud
  • Upgrade your gloves for extra protection in wet weather so your grip is sure no matter what

Riding in fall isn’t necessarily more hazardous than any other time of year. The hazard comes in being unprepared for the weather, because the unique challenges of fall have been met with tools and designs to help you get the most out of your ride. You can find a wide selection of fall options at the same place you already shop for the best women’s dirtbike riding gear in other seasons.

Repairs for Midseason Wear and Tear

Your fall tune-up is a great time to run through a full bike inspection, to check for wear and mechanical failure in parts that go beyond the scheduled maintenance you’re already planning. While it’s not common to find parts that need to be replaced when you don’t notice a problem yet, it does happen, and spotting strained material before it breaks means ordering the best OEM parts for Polaris Sportsman ahead of time and making the repair before it becomes an emergency.

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