Plan & Prepare : Moving while Pregnant

Moving while Pregnant

Congratulations on the coming bundle of joy and finding a new home! We know how stressful moving house is at the best of times, let alone with a baby on the way. These tips were compiled through careful research and interviews with expectant mothers who have also been in this situation.

So relax and read through the tips we have compiled.

Plan, Prepare and Pack early:

First, plan out the items that your family will still need for the new house and the pieces that you could either donate to a charity or sell at a garage sale for extra cash.

In your home, create a checklist that highlights all the different tasks needed for the move and pin this where everyone in the house can see. It’s important to get everyone in your household involved with the process of moving to lessen the strain for you.

The next step would be to pack the essentials first. If you’re going to pack by yourself then start as early as a month before and don’t try to do too much in one sitting. Try packing seasonal items first like holiday decorations, cold weather clothes and cookware you don’t use.

Use good quality removal boxes to ensure that not only will your property be safe, but these would also be easier to stack during your move. Label each of the boxes clearly, especially the essential baby items so that you have them to hand if you are early. Planning out and Packing the things you want to be placed in your nursery is also a safe bet so it would be a good idea to put these items in their own boxes as well.

Avoid bending to much or lifting boxes that are too heavy because the ligaments in your pelvic area will be loosening and stretching to accommodate the baby – so expect some pain if you do.

If you’re nearing your due date then it would be a good idea to check out the local hospitals within driving distance of your new home. You’ll also be tempted to clean your new home but resist the urge because some cleaning products may prove to be toxic for the baby and your skin will be extra sensitive at this point in time.

Moving Day

On moving day we suggest you get a ton of people to help you with the boxes and the unpacking. Hire a good removals company and get the boys to move everything for you. If you’ve done your prep work in advance then a good removal team, even without your help will do it in no time at all.

Don’t forget the bottles of water to keep you hydrated during the move.

Remember that the baby is your first priority and if at any time you feel that you need to rest then it would be best to sit down or go directly to the move site.

Give yourself plenty of time to unpack as long you have the essential items at hand for the baby. Ask as many friends to help you unpack the items. Offer to provide food or other refreshments to those who come and help out with your move.

You could also hire professional packers that will not only prepack your items but could also unpack and store your items in your new home. If you’re already in your third trimester then we suggest that you keep of your feet and don’t do any heavy lifting. Take this time to sketch out the design for your new home or where you want to store the boxes you’re not planning to unpack just yet.

The last step is hard but definitely the most fulfilling. When you move your baby into your new home, make sure that the nursery has been properly cleaned, sanitized and has all the necessary baby items. This is going to be a difficult time but with the support of your family you can get through it without lifting a finger.

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