Do You Know About Amari Bailey’s Mom Johanna Leia? Let’s Find Out

Johanna Leia

If you follow fashion magazines or other entertainment magazines, you must know who Johanna Leia is. For any of you who don’t, we will tell you. 

Johanna Leia or Johanna Edelburg was born on February 19, 1981. So we know that now she is 41 years old. Firstly, we know that she is an American model, brand ambassador, entrepreneur, and television personality. Secondly, we know that her place of birth is in Los Angeles, California, USA. Thirdly, we know that she is a model for many fashion and swimwear brands. From our sources, we can tell you that earlier she had started a youth basketball camp called ‘Superstar’. 

However, these are not the reasons why she is so popular now. In 2021, everyone saw her with Drake and Michael B Jordan at the Sierra Canyon Game.

Follow this piece and we will give you every single detail of the famous American model’s life and career.

Interesting fact!

Did you know that she is the mother of Amari Bailey, the basketball player of Sierra Canyon? We all know that Amari was a popular player in the USA Basketball men’s Junior National Team in 2019. Besides, people also know that he plays as a member of the USA U16 National Team. Now this team has won a gold medal in Belem, Brazil.

More about her

We know that Johanna Leia is Christian. Besides, her fans are pleased to know that she has done her education at a reputed college in Los Angeles. She began modeling when she was in college. And we can see that she finally reached the zenith of her career. She is now a famous tv personality. Let us quickly know about her physical details.

  1. Height – 5’7″ ( 1.70m, 170cm)
  2. Weight – 60kg ( 132lbs)
  3. Eye colour – Black
  4. Nationality – American
  5. Ethnicity – Mixed
  6. Zodiac sign – Pisces ( So does that mean that she is a born romantic, wise and imaginative? Unfortunately we do not know that.)

We have found out from her Instagram profile that her mother Joan Edelburg (also, Joan Leslie) is an entrepreneur. Furthermore, we see that she has shared many pictures with Johanna Leia’s kids on social media. Unfortunately, we do not know anything about her father. But we think that he is a businessman. Johanna has a very beautiful childhood among her siblings and her cousins. Besides, she loves to spend quality time with her loved ones.

Husband, Boyfriend, and Kids

According to our sources, her husband was Aaron Bailey. He is the father of her kids, who are Amari Bailey(son) and Savvy (daughter). In addition, we see that Aaron is a professional footballer. He plays for the Indianapolis Colts. However, Johanna Leia is a proud single mother to her children. She says that she loves to spend private time with her kids. But she does not share anything about her kids on social media. We understand that she does not want media attention on her kids’ life, and we respect that. 

Did you know that she dated singer Drake for quite some time? However, we think that now she is in a relationship with basketball player Ja Morant in March 2022. We found this out because they like each other’s Instagram posts constantly. Although we know that our thoughts are not authentic because we haven’t seen them together anywhere but in January, Johanna traveled to Denver to watch his match. Some media channels have asked them if they are dating. But neither Johanna Leia nor Ja Morant has responded to anything.

Unknown facts about Johanna Leia

  •  Firstly, She likes to spend quality time with her pet dog.
  • Secondly, She knows many popular singers and stars.
  • Thirdly, she has done many calendar shoots and was the face of a popular magazine called Endee Online.
  • Fourthly, she has tattoos on her hands.
  • Fifthly, she has collaborated with Fashion Nova and Icon Swim.
  • Sixthly, she attends many matches with her son.
  • Lastly, she has over 109k followers on Instagram.

Let’s know about Johanna Leia lifestyle

By now we know that she is primarily a fashion model. In addition, she collabs with fashion product brands on her social media. Her net worth is around $ 7-8 million USD.  We also know that she is a famous tv personality. She has appeared in lots of tv programs. In fact, she was a cast member of a popular show ‘Bringing Up Ballers’.

Ending note

In this article, we have shared with you every detail about Johanna Leia. We hope that the model achieves more milestones in her life and career ahead.