11 Most Powerful Techniques To Create Perfect Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories

In this social networking era, more than billions of users are sharing stories. Moreover, stories are becoming popular day by day. You can share your favorite moments with the world in a matter of minutes now. Furthermore, you can also share your favorite things or images as stories. But, how to make them compelling and engaging?  After all, we want to create something that would reflect our persona.

So, in this article, we will share some powerful techniques with which you will be able to create the perfect Instagram stories like a pro.

Here are some of the most powerful techniques Perfect Instagram Stories

So let’s become a pro at making Instagram Stories. Without further ado, let’s start with the techniques,

1. Be Creative with the lightning

One of the most important and basic things is lightning. A professional would always opt for natural lighting. Moreover, if you are posting images, try out filters with a bright and bluish tint.

However, natural light can be good for all skin tones. So, if you are posting the pictures as stories, you can click them during sunset. ‘The Golden Hour’ is the best time to click such pics. Too much brightness can ruin the picture with high exposure and shadows.

2. Using quotations

That’s a trendy way to make your stories look cool. You can write some cool quotations from your favorite author or a favorite movie in your stories.

Furthermore, you can also edit those quotes and place them in a picture. It makes your story look a lot cooler than you think. However, don’t misuse the quote. Suppose you are sharing a story of warmth and love, you cannot just write some gloomy quotes in that. That’s a no-no.

3. Make it colorful

Instagram is all about glamorous brightness. Therefore, make your stories vibrant. You can use the native filters or use some other filters to make your stories colorful.

The blank canvas is completely yours. Therefore, paint it however you like. This of yourself as an artist and try out different kinds of shades and palettes. Since a story lasts 24 hours, you want to make it as catchy as possible.

4. Using the Photobooth

You have probably seen a Photobooth in real life. Did you know you could use the same feature in Instagram too? There’s a shutter button in the Instagram story. If you click on it, it will capture a few pictures a few seconds apart. You can use Photobooth to capture the candid moments of your life. It makes your story wonderful and real.

5. Edit the videos

Another great way to make your story good is by posting videos. However, keep them short and precise. If you are using Instagram Stories as a means to reach out to your brand, then keep the length of the videos short.

Moreover, you can also place the most important part of your campaign right at the beginning. In addition, use some of the video editing software to adjust brightness, saturation, and other stuff.

6. Portrait mode is the answer

In 2021, portrait mode is the best way to express the memories in your story. Whether it’s a picture or a video or a boomerang, try out the portrait mode. Moreover, nearly 90% of people browse Instagram in portrait mode. Therefore, it’s cool to post anything in that mode.

7. Use hashtags and locations

Now this one is a must. Instagram allows you to post 30 hashtags. However, keep them to a maximum of three. You can use hashtags for easier reach. In fact, people can easily find your story even if they aren’t following you.

For example, let’s say you have posted a short boomerang or video of your favorite dish. You can post relative hashtags, for example, ‘TastyFood’. If a person searches with a similar hashtag, then they will find your post. It makes your story really trendy and attractive. Moreover, it offers you great reach,

Using locations in your stories is also a cool way to attract more viewers. If a person does a location search, then they will be able to find yours. Moreover, you can also let people know about your recent visits and all.

8. Adding emojis and animations

Here’s another cool thing about using Instagram stories. You can make your stories simply great by adding animations. Moreover, you can also post GIFs that you can access from the ‘stickers’ feature.

Emojis are also a cool way to decorate your stories. It’s funky and trendy. So, your followers will love to see little cute emojis on your stories.

9. Adding Music

That’s another way to be creative. In fact, adding music doesn’t only make your story look cool but also offers entertainment. Let’s say, you have captured a nice slo-mo video. So, why not add nice music to it and share it with the world?

10. Boomerang is a thing now

Who doesn’t like boomerang shots? It’s a quirky feature that lets you create content in a unique way. Moreover, keeping up with the trend is important. Therefore you can check out the boomerang feature.

11. Engaging polls and stickers

There are many stickers available. You can interact with your followers using polls and other question stickers. It’s not only engaging but also gives you an opportunity to see the interests of your audience.

Summing it up:

Now that’s all folks. These were some great techniques to create Instagram stories. So connect with your audience and provide cool and funny stories. Moreover, by following these tricks, you can be an Instagram pro.

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