The Police Arrested Mindy Dixon & Melissa Cheng, The Dominatrices Along With A Reverend Inside Church

Mindy Dixon
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According to the reports, police have arrested Mindy Dixon, Melissa Cheng, and a Reverend after a passerby reported them having a threesome inside the Church. So, all of us know that Church is a Holy place and nobody should sacrilege its peace. However, Mindy and Melissa, the dominatrix had another idea. On 30th September they entered the holy place and tried to film a sex video with the Church Priest.

However, as we said earlier, an onlooker caught the trio in that illicit act from outside. As per the reports, he saw lights on inside the church. He said one could see the inside of the church from outside through glass doors and windows. So, he saw Mindy Dixon, Melissa, and The reverend priest having sensual pleasure. The man who reported the scene said that it was an unusual time as well. So, this incident has certainly made a lot of talk in town. If you want to know more about the incident then you can follow this article.

Who Is Mindy & Melissa?

So, it’s worth telling that Mindy Dixon, who is 41 years old, is a professional adult film actress. Together with the 23-year-old Melissa, she tried to barge into the Church at an unusual hour. After entering inside the church the dominatrix women had intercourse with a priest, Rev Travis Clark, on the altar.

As per the sources we have got to know that Dixon and Cheng wore high heels and corsets. In addition, we have also gathered the information that Travis Clerk, the Rev of the Catholic Church handled sex toys.

Reason For Their Arrest

So, as we just mentioned, the police arrested the trio, Mindy Dixon, Melissa & Travis Clark, the rev of the church. They arrested the trio for violating the rules and having sex inside the church. In fact, they didn’t only indulge in the sexual acts but filmed the very act as well.

However, they couldn’t fulfill their desire because an onlooker spotted them. Yes, an eyewitness reported the whole scenario to the police. He said that Mindy Dixon and Melissa walked towards Saint Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church. The duo entered the church at an unusual hour. However, the Onlooker’s curiosity was piqued by the church lights being on at that point in time. So, in order to quench his curiosity, he peeked inside the church and saw the whole scene.

On this note, it’s worth noting that it was absolutely possible for him to see inside. The church has glass doors and big windows so any passerby could see inside. So, once the police arrived at the scene, they arrested the trio almost immediately.

They said, “obscene acts occurred on the altar, which is clearly visible from the street…stage lights were set up, and they were using a cellphone and camera, both mounted on a tripod”. They used the camera to record themselves having intercourse.

Who Is The Reverend? Know The Fate Of The Trio

Mindy Dixon & Melissa Cheng were also joined by Travis Clark, a 37-year-old Rev. In fact, he has worked as a priest at Paul Roman Catholic Church and Saints Peter in Lousiana.

So, this incident is most certainly deplorable on his part. In fact, all of them had to pay a price for their crime. For example, the authorities suspended Travis from the ministry a day after the incident. As for the other two, each of them could face a three-year prison.