A List Of Cute Anime Boy And Girl Names For Your Newborn

Anime Boy

The popularity of anime movies and series owes much to the cute anime boy characters that have won the hearts of millions across the globe. In fact, people are fallen in love with such adorable anime boys. However, the popularity of anime also owes much to cute and adorable girl characters. The anime world has thus given us multiple anime characters, both boys and girls, who have been the stuff of our dreams. Therefore, it is natural for people to be crazy about these characters. In fact, it does not matter whether you love or hate watching anime. You can never deny the charm that the characters have.

The craze about anime characters has escalated to such a height that people are even considering naming their babies after their favourite anime characters. However, this is far from being a strange trend, as there are some legendary anime characters, whose names are equally nice. Moreover, if you are an anime fan, then naming your child after the name of an anime character would be a nice gesture to show off your love for the rich Japanese culture. We know that naming a baby is a tough job, especially when you have to select the names from such a wide variety of available names. Even if you are an anime lover, then you have a large number of names to select from.

Therefore, in this article, you will get a condensed list of names of anime characters, grouped into various segments for your convenience. Whether you have a boy or a girl, you will get suitable names for them from this list. Therefore, read this article to know more about some of the stunning anime names. 

Names Of Anime Boys 
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Names Of Anime Boys 

If you have a boy child and you are looking for a  suitable anime name for him, then this list is worth your attention. Here goes the list of some of the hot anime boy names that will definitely win your choice:

  1. Arata
  2. Aoi
  3. Akane
  4. Alphonse
  5. Akira
  6. Astro
  7. Ash
  8. Batou
  9. Benjiro
  10. Brock
  11. Bolt
  12. Cashe
  13. Chibi
  14. Cloud
  15. Cynus
  16. Daiki
  17. Dante
  18. Elric
  19. Erembour
  20. Eren
  21. Etsuko
  22. Fumio
  23. Goku
  24. Gohan
  25. Goro
  26. Haruki
  27. Haruo
  28. Hiashi
  29. Hideaki
  30. Hiroshi
  31. Ichigo
  32. Inuyasha
  33. Isamu
  34. Ito
  35. Jiraya
  36. Jiro
  37. Kaito
  38. Kaname
  39. Kazuo
  40. Kenshiro
  41. Kouki
  42. Kuro
  43. Kyouko
  44. Light
  45. Makoto
  46. Masaji
  47. Masashi
  48. Michi
  49. Moon
  50. Naruto
  51. Noruru
  52. Okasaki
  53. Osamu
  54. Raiden
  55. Riku

Therefore, these are all the golden boy anime character names that you might take up whale naming your newborn boy child. These names are really nice and so are the characters whom these names represent. 

Names Of Anime Girls
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Names Of Anime Girls

Now, if you have a newborn girl, then there is nothing to be worried about. Here goes a list of adorable girl anime names for you to name your newborn princess:

  1. Aletta
  2. Asuka
  3. Ayano
  4. Anju
  5. Aoba
  6. Balalaika
  7. Boa
  8. Choouko
  9. Chiyo
  10. Emi
  11. Ennis
  12. Fumiko
  13. Gaara
  14. Gypsy
  15. Hana
  16. Hideko
  17. Hannya
  18. Isamu
  19. Junichi
  20. Kamiko
  21. Kanon
  22. Kokoro
  23. Lina
  24. Lucy
  25. Luffy
  26. Mayu
  27. Megumi
  28. Mei
  29. Minori
  30. Misu
  31. Miyako
  32. Miwa
  33. Miyuki
  34. Mizuki
  35. Momoji
  36. Nami
  37. Nao
  38. Naru
  39. Nel
  40. Noa
  41. Noriko
  42. Oiwa
  43. Rei
  44. Revy
  45. Rikka
  46. Rin
  47. Riza
  48. Saki
  49. Shizuru
  50. Tomiko

Therefore, these are the names of girl anime characters that you may consider while naming your newborn girl child. All of these names are adorable and cute enough. Thus, any one of these names would be perfect for your girl child, if you are a die-hard anime fan.

Concluding Lines

Thus, in this article, you have a list of names of both boys and girls from the anime world. If you are a die-hard anime fan, then you have a collection of your favourite anime names for your newborn. 

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