10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In The Us Offering The Tastiest Dishes For You

Vegetarian Restaurants

To eat or not to eat at a restaurant is a daily dilemma for you if you are vegetarian thinking of dining out. You may be afraid of finding only a few salads or dishes on the vegetarian menu. But don’t worry. We have got you covered. You can find the compilation of the ten best vegetarian restaurants offering tasty vegetarian dishes for you. Plus, they offer lots of amazing options to choose from. You will certainly find their menu impressive. 

Further, these restaurants offer soulful vegan options too. You can splurge on these amazing Michelin-starred meals. It will make you think of dining out often. So why not try visiting these wonderful vegetarian restaurants at gorgeous locations? 

Here is 10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in United State

1. Cafe Sunflower – Atlanta 

To get mouth-watering vegetarian food, visit Café Sunflower in Atlanta. It is an award-winning café offering dairy-free, gluten-free, and meat-free cuisine on its menu for you. For twenty years, they have been serving amazing dishes with lip-smacking flavors. Some of the best on the menu are Macro Stir Fry, vegan chocolate cake, oven-baked Stuffed Acorn Squash and more. Because of these aspects, the Café is considered the best restaurant in the South. 

2. Eleven Madison Park – New York City

This vegetarian restaurant is located at the hub of New York City. It has received the honor of three Michelin stars. It has become a plant-based restaurant after the Covid 19. Chef Daniel Humm took this decision because he wanted to focus on the sustainability of his industry. You can find entire plant-based courses in the restaurant. 

3. Zizi Limona – Brooklyn 

It is an impeccable mid-eastern café with many vegetarian dishes for you to order. Try their small plates of hummus, falafel, “Crazy Baba”—baba ghanoush, feta cheese and basil, and more. Pair the dish with refreshing cocktail or other drinks on the menu. 

4. MANA Food Bar – Chicago 

It is an amazing restaurant with delightful vegetarian options and a classy environment. You can find a comprehensive menu consisting of spanikopita, spinach-filled ravioli, Gyoza and more. Enjoy these dishes on a covered patio. Try their refreshing smoothies made with select fruits and vegetables along with the main dish. 

5. Detroit Vegan Soul – Detroit

This restaurant has been named the Best Soul Food in Detroit. Their vegan food is very comforting. You have to try their tofu catfish sandwich without the meat and cholesterol. Other popular dishes on their menu are vegan Mac and Cheese, black-eyed peas and a cornbread muffin. After eating it, you will convert completely into vegan because it’s unexceptionally good. 

6. Crossroads – Los Angeles

Crossroads was opened in March 2013 and quickly became popular because of its great vegetarian options. Their small-plate Mediterranean menu encourages its customers to explore more on the options offered. So it is a great place to relax and try new dishes. Further, its atmosphere doesn’t lack anything because it is posh and chic. You can find attractive hardwood, eye-catching chandeliers and more to keep you occupied. 

7. Seward Café – Minneapolis

Seaward cafe started its operation in 1974. They use organic ingredients sourced locally. It is the restaurant for you, if you prefer a more casual dining experience. 

Try their breakfast menu consisting of scrambled hash browns and organic eggs with different mixes of cheese and vegetables. For vegan aficionados, there are Radical Roots Stir Fry which has organic tofu and lots of fresh vegetables perfectly stir-fried. 

8. Vedge – Philadelphia

Vedge is a modern vegetarian restaurant that serves meatless dishes. It offers a sophisticated dining experience with international dishes like smoke and umami-rich items. Don’t miss out on eating their mushrooms. You can also find many mid-sized plates like Smoked Eggplant Braciole, Salt-Roasted Golden Beets and more. 

9. Greens Restaurant – San Francisco

Green Restaurant is a beloved vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco. It opened in 1979 and developed a menu that remains unchanged to this day. You can experience sophisticated, meatless cuisine that will make you want more. Enjoy their amazing seasonal flavors made with food sourced from bountiful organic farms. 

10. Pepper Tree Veggie Cuisine – Texas 

Texas is famous for its beef, but you can also find a great vegetarian restaurant here. It’s the Pepper Tree Veggie Cuisine. You can find Chinese dishes served with a vegetarian twist. Try the vegan egg rolls, dumplings, veggie lo mein and various soups. Any dish you take is 100 percent vegan, high in protein and low in cholesterol. 

End thoughts 

These are the amazing vegetarian restaurants you can find in the US. Their dishes are healthy, satisfying and delicious. 

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