The Police Has Arrested A Boogie At The Wireless Festival: Learn The Incident & About A Boogie Net Worth

A Boogie Net Worth
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If you follow American freestyle rap for a long time then you have surely heard the name of A boogie. He has done remarkably in his field and that’s why A Boogie net worth is quite hefty as well. However, his life isn’t free from all sorts of problems. For example, recently the police had arrested him at the Wireless Festival. So, soon after the incident, he had to make a public apology to his fans and followers. 

The police arrested the famous rapper and musician back in 2020. However, it’s worth mentioning that he has accumulated a hefty amount of fortune since 2016. In other words, he has made a name for himself since the year 2016. So, thereafter A boogie net worth has only seen a higher side. 

If you are a fan of A Boogie and wish to know more about the incident of his arrest then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the reason for his arrest and how he’s doing right now. 

Quick : Bio & Wikipedia

✔ Real Name Artist Julius Dubose
✔ Birthday 6 December 1995
✔ Birthplace Highbridge, New York, United States
✔ Nationality American
✔ zodiac sign Sagittarius
✔ Height 5’10”(in feet & inches) 1.778(m) 177.8(cm),
✔ Profession American singer
✔ Spouse N/A
✔ How Old Is A Boogie wit da Hoodie As of 2021, he is 25 Year Old
✔ Children Melody Valentine Dubose, Artist Jr
✔ His Net Worth $5 million
✔ Parents N/A
✔ Siblings N/A

A Bit On A Boogie

So, before we move on to the A boogie net worth, it’s worth taking a look at his life. Popular among the fans, he is also known as A Boogie wit da Hoodie. However, his real name is Dubose. As we said already said, he is a professional rapper and also a singer. He was born in the year 1996 and therefore he’s currently 25 years old. As for his birthplace, it’s in the Bronx. 

From his childhood, he had a passion for music and rap. Therefore, he turned his passion into something from where he could earn a living. Currently, the 25-year-old gets around 15 million listeners a month on the famous music listening platform Spotify. In fact, he also has around 5 million followers on Instagram. 

In fact, in the year 2018, he also topped the US album chart with his awesome album SZN. Moreover, he also has a few more albums, two, to be exact. People found those albums remarkably well. In other words, those two albums had made it to the Top 5 of SZN. 

His Relationship Status

Even though he’s quite secretive about his relationships and doesn’t like to share much light on that, we have gathered a few details. So, as per the sources, he had a relationship with the Instagram model Ella Rodriguez. In fact, the duo also shares a daughter and a son who are Melody and Artist Jr, respectively. 

The Reason For His Arrest

A Boogie’s net worth may have seen a significant rise over the years due to his awesome music. However, in 2020, his arrest has somewhat marred his glory for him. On 11th September the police arrested the rapper because of an incident at the Wireless Festival in Crystal Palace Park, London. So, after that, he apologized to his fans and explained the incident in detail on social media. 

“ smh sorry to everyone who came out to see me at Wireless…London police locked me up before I went on stage for something I was accused of 2 years ago.” 

According to the police, they arrested him at the request of Greater Manchester Police. This incident happened nine months after a raid at his house. The police said that they found unlawful possession of arms and weed at his house. 

A Boogie Net Worth 2020

He has accumulated a lot of money in his short career and currently, he sits on a whopping 5 million a boogie net worth 2021. In fact, he has collaborated with eminent artists like Lil Bibby, Young Scooter, 6ix9ine, etc.