Arlo Day Brody is on Trending, We Take a Keener Glimpse

Arlo Day Brody
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Arlo Day Brody, Quite the name, eh? It is that time of the year again, and the grapevine is abuzz with new news. Celebrity couple Leighton Meester and Adam Brody, better known as Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf to fans all over the world, welcomed their first child just a few days ago. Now we know it is too early to start gushing over those adorable baby pics. But we just can’t help it. At the time of the announcement, the name and the gender of the baby were still under wraps, but now we know the girl is going to be called Arlo. Sounds cute, doesn’t it? That is because it is. 

A Sweet Couple
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Arlo is a name traditionally given to boys. Recently though, it has been steadily climbing the ranks as a unisex name. What can we say? Changing times, right? Using boys’ names for girls is a trend that finds its roots in the second wave of feminism. Ever since people decided they would break convention for the sake of progress, things have been on the upswing. Names like Jamie, Jodie, Morgan and Taylor are very popular right now. You probably know this because, during our time, they are quite commonplace and popular. See Arlo Day Brody age. 

A Sweet Couple

Meester and Brody have been a favorite couple since the days of Gossip Girl. Though they generally prefer to keep their romance under wraps, the couple often takes to Instagram and Facebook to share sweet sentiments about each other or even post funny pictures. According to Meester, she is on cloud nine and thinks a lot about their relationship. For her, musing about the past is not an option anymore. She is in a healthy relationship where her partner respects and loves her. Now they have a child together that they, of course, plan to raise together. Moreover, Meester is also in a very lucky place career-wise. In her own words, she could not have been in a better place. See daughter Arlo Day Brody. 

The Single Parents also had a few things to say about working mothers. For starters, she does not believe much in the balance. Furthermore, she adds that balance is next to impossible when it comes to juggling career and family. Some days Adam cooks dinner for her, and some days she feels good enough just to eat a bowl of cereal. Whoever said motherhood is a cakewalk has pretty obviously never had a child. 


Brody had more or less the same things to say about his beautiful wife. The two met on the sets of Gossip Girl, and he was instantly enamoured with her. They decided to date after that on the sets of The Oranges, even though Brody was single then. Sources close to the couple say both had a very interesting dynamic and instantly connected with each other on a very deep level. Eventually, the two ended up together after a few years of dating and marriage. They find it quite funny that their screen-life characters ended up together in real life as well. See Leighton Meester Arlo Day Brody. 

Choosing a unique name for your child could be quite an alarming process. Often the name may not sound what you think. Sometimes, society does not take it well, and the child is subjected to mockery as they grow up. But we think Arlo Day is just the kind of name which is going to attract a lot of people in the coming years. 

A Sweet Couple
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1. Are Adam Brody and Leighton Meester still together?

Yes they are still together. Seven years and counting. 

2. Which day was Arlo Day Brody born?

Arlo Day Brody was born on Tuesday, August 4 2015. 

3. How old is Adam Brody? 

Adam Brody is 43 years old.

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