A Tyceratops’ Story: The Key to Make Profit on OnlyFans


Tyceratops is a member of OnlyFans, a social media service where users can sell their fans to businesses and marketers. He started his profile in 2013, and within a month, he had over 1,000 followers. 

Being a content creator is not always a simple task, especially when you’re working alone. When someone publishes their content, they want it to be the top in terms of content and material. In this article we will talk about what he thinks about making money as being a creator himself for a long time.

Who is Tyceratops?

He is a content creator on OnlyFans, and from his experiences, he has gained some knowledge about how to make money. Focus on creating high-quality material, says Tyceratops. According to him, if you offer them useful knowledge and advice, they will value it and might even opt to support your cause with a donation.

Being visible and engaged is an important element of the OnlyFans money-making way. He says posting frequently, leaving comments on other people’s posts, and interacting with followers. He recommends providing special access to films, behind-the-scenes information, or even price breaks on your goods or services. Anyone can earn money by simply following this advice.


Where Did Tyceratops Begin?

He began as an artist hoping to support himself through his work. Additionally, he found that the easiest way to do that was by creating and selling art. He now supports himself with his paintings and invites other artists to follow that example.

You must first produce high quality art if you want to start earning money on the website. Once your art is finished, you must find a place for selling it. Using the tools from the website is one of the ways to achieve this. 

Even if there are other sites where you can sell your creations, OnlyFans offers a more user-friendly interface for both buyers and sellers. Making money using simple fans requires time and work, but it is ultimately worthwhile.

What Led Him to Choose to Create Content for OnlyFans?

Tyceratops had no idea what to know when he made the decision to become an OnlyFans creator. He had been using the service for a while, and he was excited about the possibility of directly helping his favourite artists. It gave him a sense of belonging and a chance to connect with them, he thought.

It turns out that becoming a creator on OnlyFans is much simpler than you would have imagined. All you need are a few fans and a little creativity. He began by providing unique and entertaining content, and he quickly built a following. By offering sponsored posts and ads on his account, he makes a monthly income.

What is Tyceratops Business Model?

Tyceratops‘ business model is founded on the notion that followers are the base of their success. Through a subscription-based platform, the company gives goods and services straight to its fans. He also offers advertising space on the company’s website and social media channels.

The company’s fan following has shown to be highly active and supportive. It assists in gaining sales both online and in person. He can create solid money from its activities as a result of this profitable business model.

Average Monthly Income for OnlyFans Creators

Average Monthly Income for OnlyFans Creators

On average OnlyFans Creator can receive a monthly income of about $3,600. Based on your monthly visitors and interaction levels, this sum will change. There are various ways for creators to increase their income therefore it’s important to keep in mind that the earning potential is not locked to a single amount.

Some of the Most Effective Ways to Make Additional Money

  • Creating paid posts or ads can be a quick and simple method to make money from your followers. Before you begin, you must confirm that your promotion fits with the rules of both advertisers and fans.
  • If you have a cool idea for a new product or service, it may be worthwhile to put in the effort to make it a reality. It could include creating a sample, seeking money from investors, or working with others to get the product onto the market faster.
  • Offering more features or exclusive content can also result in greater money. This includes fan-only chat groups, other comments, and even private chats with creators. Make sure you charge a fair rate for these extras, since costly items may result in lost clients rather than increased revenue.
  • Videos are one of the simplest methods to gain an audience and increase followers, whether you’re filming new content or converting existing clips into new formats. This will not only help you get money for your content, but it will also help you make your identity and authority in the market you’re targeting.
  • Another great way to make money is to support other creators. It might be as simple as leaving good comments on their content, giving tips for their work, or even being a guest.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Working as a Full-Time OnlyFans Creator


  • You would be completely in charge of your work. Users could create content whenever they wanted, without being locked by dates or other works.
  • You would have the option of directly working for yourself, with no need to please others because your fans are only devoted to your work.
  • Being a full-time OnlyFans creator could result in making profits. With such a large enough following, you can earn a good living from the internet.


  • However, there are certain cons to working as a full-time OnlyFans creator as well.
  • It will be difficult to get a following if you do not regularly provide high-quality content.
  • Having complete control over your work can be lonely and stressful at times.
  • Earning a living from internet content may require hard work and time.


This article will present you to an “almost-famous” figure known as Tyceratops that has some knowledge of the world of influencer. He is an adult OnlyFans creator and doesn’t want his full identity revealed, but he does have some insight about how to become famous and earn money through social media websites.

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