Tennessee Top 10 Criminal Defense FAQ’s

Criminal Defense

If you or your loved ones are facing criminal charges in the Tennessee criminal court, you may have several questions that need answers. These listed FAQs can help you know how you should prepare yourself as a defense. Of course, if you want to present a strong defense case, you must visit a criminal defense lawyer in Knoxville TN, in time to help you stay away from the jail. So, without further ado, let’s continue to see the defense FAQs.

Yes, since the court takes the felony charges seriously, a preliminary hearing is mandatory. So, the district attorney can prove that there was a crime scene, and you are the person who committed such a crime. After that, the state will call for witnesses and let the defendant present its case to prove their innocence.

  • Why is the case sent to circuit court?

Suppose the district attorney on the preliminary hearing can prove that you are the criminal or the judge finds a definite cause demonstrating that the defendant committed a crime. In that case, the case is bound over and sent to the circuit court for further progression.

  • Do I need an attorney in the first court proceeding?

Yes, once the case is in the arraignment stage, you are presented before the court. There you’ll need an attorney, which is not mandatory, but it is beneficial. If the judge calls you and some questions are asked, make sure to say “Not guilty” if you don’t have any legal representative there.

  • Do I need to visit court more if my case is dismissed at lower court?

Yes, even if you are proven innocent in the lower court, the court can call you again. Tennessee law would permit a person to be charged with a crime, even if the case was over at the lower court.

  • What to do when you are arrested for the first time?

Find an attorney as fast as you can as they know how to handle such situations. Then inform your family and friends about what happened, they may help as well. Finally, don’t ever state the police without your attorney’s consult.

  • How to remove charges from my record completely?

That depends on the type of charge. Certain charges such as DUI and domestic assault can never be erased from your records. You can pay fees to check the eligibility, but you’ll find your charges in the papers.

  • Do I automatically get probation in my first offense?

You might think it works like this, but it doesn’t. You never get automatic probation, even if it is a first crime of your life. Your attorney will seek an alternative since this is not an option available.

  • How many plea offers are there before my case can be set for trial?

There is no limit; you can make as many pleas as you want. However, your DA might not help you if they feel that the case is not strong enough.

  • Difference between general sessions/city court/municipal court?

The main difference between general sessions/city court/municipal courts is that they only dispose of misdemeanour cases. 

  • What are the punishments for drug crimes?

The penalties depend on the type of offense. Crimes that involve more significant quantities of drugs and not simple possession do have heavy punishments.

These major questions may be helpful in this unfortunate time. For a better understanding of the criminal defense, please connect with a criminal defense lawyer in Knoxville tn.