Hostels at TOMS – Home away from home

TOMS Hostel

Counting among the top perks and facilities offered by TOMS College of Engineering is the hostel space. College students can register their candidacy and claim a seat at the TOMS hostel. Living far away from home is never easy. For millions of students, it is the first time that they leave home. TOMS eases the trials and turbulence by offering a homely space where students can reside happily for the time they are in college. TOMS hostels encapsulate the essence of ‚Äėhome living‚Äô and community sharing. The multi-storied residential area makes for an incredible choice for students who wish to focus on their education and evolve as toppers in their classes.¬†

Facilities at TOMS Hostel

  1. Comfortable common areas
    A hostel should be a home away from home. This includes having a comfortable common area secluded from our rooms where we can chill out and have fun with our hostel mates. Most hostels ignore the need for common area seating hours, but TOMS encourages it. TOMS has a comfortable lounge that includes entertainment facilities, cozy sofas, proper ventilation, and a judgment-free environment for students to mingle. 
  2. Clean and functional bathrooms
    Ulility bathrooms must be safe, functional, and secured from the public. Sharing bathrooms is an uncomfortable experience for people, but TOMS hostel makes it okay. There are plenty of personal and public clean, functional, and safe bathrooms available to students, and they can use them as per their will.
  3. Professionally trained staff
    A lot goes into handling students who enter their ‚Äėrebellious mode‚Äô while entering into B.Tech colleges in Kerala. A good staff is in charge of minding the students, guarding their entry and exit time, ensuring that they are safe, and keeping up with the cleaning and food facilities of the hostel. The list is long, and only professionals can handle it. Thankfully, TOMS staff has it all.¬†
  4. Well connected to public transport
    TOMS hostel isn’t based in a stray away area or on the outskirts of the city, but right in the middle of fully functional roadways with plenty of transportation to get you by. We understand that most students don’t have a private vehicle, and will rely on buses and autos to get them by. TOMS is superior in this regard. You can get any public transport within 5 to 7 minutes of walking distance from the hostel.
  5. In-house mess

    TOMS hostel’s in-house mess is its major attraction. Once you enter the hostel, you don’t have to worry about anything related to food. All needs are taken care of, starting from breakfast in the morning to late-night tea/coffee. 
  6. Wi-Fi
    TOMS hostel believes in the seamless power of connectivity. Often the classes and seminars are held online at Polytechnic Colleges in Kerala. This is why TOMS hostels offers Wi-Fi with an affordable surcharge to all those who need it.

Living at TOMS Hostel

TOMS hostel is a residential place for students who are officially enrolled in TOMS University. The hostel houses hundreds of students from all courses, years, and backgrounds in its premier residential building. The multi-story building comes with plenty of two and three-seater rooms, functional bathrooms, an in-house mess, a common area, a playing ground, and a secure living. TOMS alumni have described living in the hostel as a life-changing experience that brought them closer to their colleagues and turned classmates into friends for life. Apart from the residential area, the hostel also leads in providing world-class mess facilities where students can eat at any time they want. The ambiance is cozy and comfortable for students who wish to mingle, and for those interested in long hours of study, the rooms have noise-blocking doors. 

Living in a college hostel promotes friendship and camaraderie between graduates. Residential students mingle with people from various backgrounds which opens them to new ideas and perspectives on life. TOMS Hostels are sometimes the first place where students develop a sense of respect and tolerance for others

At the TOMS hostels, students enrolled in engineering colleges in Kottayam can find a mess hall, study hall, writing/reading room, and guest room, along with their private rooms. The hostel also fulfills all major amenities like magazines, outdoor activities, daily newspapers, and community events for recreation and entertainment.

Food at TOMS Hostel

TOMS College of Engineering has a fully functional mess which is open 16 hours a day. The mess updates the menu hours before the serving time, so people with food choices and allergies can request a turn as well. Food is an integral part of a growing child’s brain and is treated with utmost care at TOMS hostels. The food prepared is pure, nutritious, and fills up a colorful plate that is both appealing, appetizing, and healthy. 

The mess is run by the Students Mess Committees, which are responsible for ensuring quality guidelines on the food. Students are provided with food choices that they have already picked and are never forced to consume food outside of their religious/social mandates. The mess offers five eating times: breakfast, lunch, evening snack, dinner, and the final tea/coffee.

Security at TOMS Hostel

TOMS hostel is secured with multiple guards, a double-locking front gate, security cameras at the entrance, and a live record of everyone entering and leaving the place. TOMS takes full responsibility for the safety of students and ensures it to the full extent. The place is guarded like a fortress and ensures a tight curfew time. No alcohol, smoking, or any kind of drug is allowed inside the premise, and these rules are enforced with utmost sincerity by the staff and the students. 

Enrollment at TOMS Hostel

The hostel capacity for boys and girls is 500 each. Every student, upon enrollment into the college, has the option of choosing the hostel. This option is mostly opted for by out-of-station students, although it is available to everyone. 

In Conclusion,

College is a valuable experience, and living in TOMS Hostels adds to that experience in profound ways. After all, it is a home away from home.

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