6 Pieces Of Info You Must Include On Real Estate Farming Postcards

Real Estate Farming Postcards

Do you work in the realty business? Are you new to the real estate world? If so, you may be trying to get your name out in the industry about your business, your prowess, and your expertise. If you are having a hard time getting traction in the industry, along with gaining new clients, you need to come up with new marketing methods that can help broadcast your skills and services.

But who can do this? If you find that using social media and newspapers isn’t doing the trick, we have the best advertising method that you should use – real estate farming postcards. Real estate postcards are the best way that you can target your exact clientele, send postcards to a specific mailing route that you want to reach out to, and increase the likelihood that your clients will keep the postcard for later use.

Let’s see a few things that you must include in your postcard! You can also click here to browse some examples of postcards.

6 must-have pieces of info for your real estate farming postcards


This can seem obvious, but sometimes realtor get so excited to design their new postcards that they forget their name. Without your first and last name, you can appear not credible to the clientele base. Make sure you add your name in bold font so they know the difference between you and other realtors.

Name of your realty firm

The next piece of information to include is the name of where you work. If you work for yourself, that’s great! But make sure you include your firm, where you work, the location of your office. This way, people can see you are tied to a real business.

House just sold

Another important piece of info that can make your real estate farming postcard stand out among the rest is including a listing that you have just sold. If you just sold a big listing in the air that was worth millions, then you need to include this on your postcard.

Past experience

Even though you are already credible by listing your name, past houses sold, and your realty firm, including your past experience, can help you gain more clients. By showing where you have worked in the past or your past education level, you can influence others to hire you instead of other realtors in the industry who may be less qualified.

Your qualifications

Just like adding your past experience, including your real estate qualifications is key. Did you get certified in North Carolina after taking the online course and passing the final exam? If so, make sure you include your qualification so clients know you are reputable. 

Catchphrase or slogan 

The last piece of information that you should include on real estate farming postcards is an interesting catchphrase or slogan that makes you stand out among the rest. If you have a slogan for your business or there is some type of log that makes you stand out, make sure you add this to the front of your postcard.


Using real estate farming postcards is a great way that you can broadcast your business and add a bit of personality to your marketing method! Make sure you include the basic info on this postcard so clients have an easy time knowing who you are, coinciding, you, and trusting you with their property. 

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