Chester’s Flamin’ Hot Fries V/S Andy Capp’s Hot Fries: The Test Review

Hot Fries
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In matters of hot fries, the Andy Capp’s fries and Chester’s Flamin’ Hot Fries are very popular and much discussed. We know that there is a steady demand among people about these fries, irrespective of the brands. In fact, spicy fries are really very popular and there are various brands which come out with this product. It is true that various people have varied levels of spice-tolerance. But at the same time, we have seen that if the test is good then the spic level fails to stop people from gobbling up these fries. Thus, the food brands have come to understand this tendency and have started to focus on bringing out their own versions of this popular spicy food.

We know that in the field of these spicy fries, Andy Capp’s Hot Fires and Chester’s Flamin’ Hot Fries are very popular. Though there are many other brands of this food product, people love these two specific brands a lot. Therefore, at times there runs a hidden competition between these two among people. Therefore, in such a scenario, a detaled study of these two brands of hot fries chips becomes essential. If you wish to learn more about this simultaneous analysis , then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know more about this analysis.

The Parameters 

The Parameters 
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Before analyzing these two brands of spicy fries, it is better to mention the parameters on which we will focus our analysis of the products:

  • Taste is the first and perhaps the most important parameter in this study. A good chip should have an excellent blend of taste and flavour. In fact, it is the taste that makes a chip more or less popular.
  • Spice level is the important parameter in this analysis. Here we are talking about spicy chips. Therefore, the products are expected to be mostly spicy. In fact, if the spice level is too less then it fails to live upto its name.  
  • Smell is another parameter. The burning smell of the spicy chips is main.
  • Texture of a chip is crunchy and that is the ideal one for spicy chips.

Chester’s Flamin’ Hot Fries

Frito-Lay is the company behind the Chester Cheetah. The real potato and corn chip comes with a seasoning of cheese on the top. Thus, apart from being spicy, it is crispy and cheesy. The producers claim that Chester’s hot fries would set one’s mouth on fire. In practical senses, this chip is really crunchy but moderately spicy. Moreover, the flavour is also great. 

However, the strong smell of this product might not please some consumers. It is a product for people with a lower spice tolerance levels. Thus, if you are someone with high spice tolerance, these Chester hot fries will fail to impress you.

Andy Capp’s Hot Fries
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Andy Capp’s Hot Fries

At first look these fries might appear like shoestring french fries. But they are way more crispier than the french fries. This corn and potato chip also claims that it would set mouths on fire. In reality they are very crunchy and the texure is great. In addition, the taste is really great. However, it is less spicy than the Cherster’s fries and the flavours are less balanced. Thus, it is good for those who are beginning their spicy journeys. But, if you are looking for something really spicy, then it is better to go with Chester’s.

Concluding Lines

In the field of hot cheeto fries, Chester’s product overrides that of Andy Capp’s in matters of flavour and spice level. However, various people have various preferences. Therefore, go and check out the products at the earliest.


1. What are hot fries?

They are crispy spicy chips maid mostly out of corn and potatoes.

2. What are hot fries made of?

Mainly, the hot fries are made of corn and potatoes.

3. Who invented hot fries?

According to various sources, Richard Montanez is the inventor of hot fries. 

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