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In all industries, there are a few names that stand out as market leaders, and for any number of reasons, these have become evangelized to the point that they stand as an emblem of a product and the essence it defines. In the knife industry, and amongst people who work with their hands or who call themselves outdoorsmen, this name is indisputably Buck. Buck has built itself since 1902 up from the ground to a name that hardly any longer represents a brand, but the archetypal image of a knife. The sheer ruggedness of Buck blades and the unwillingness of their makers to compromise greatness has made aBuck Survival Pocket Knife a coveted possession not only for its import as a collectable but for its indispensable grit as a tool.

Limiting such a legendary manufacturer to a few products that typify its image is a difficult task in any industry. That being said, there are many outstanding models that represent Buck knives well. The first is the Buck 110 Folding Hunter. Since 1962, it has been made with ebony scales and brass bolsters and features one of the strongest lockback mechanisms that has ever been produced. Heavy in the hand, yet with graceful, even beautiful lines, this knife can handle the domain of larger fixed blades with ease.

Its strong belly excels at skinning but its fine point can handle filleting with comparable purpose. Sturdy and sleek at once, it can accomplish without boasting what many other knives fail to do. It has been in production for 57 years with hardly any design changes and is one of the best selling knives of all time, if not the single best selling knife on record. Fifteen million have been sold and this knife is literally the template for other folding knives that wish to be, but simply are not Buck knives.

Another excellent survival pocket knife from Buck is the Nano Bantam Folder. Though it is more modest than the long enduring Buck 100, the Nano Bantam is as much a workhorse as any survival knife on the market. With a GFN thermoplastic handle and exceptionally powerful locking mechanism, this knife is, much like the 110, capable of handling tasks that are outside the realm of the run of the mill pocket knives from other producers that emulate Buck but do not achieve its greatness. Its 420HC stainless blade has a hollow grind that is long to wear and ready to accept a new edge when honing becomes necessary. It also features a drop point that is designed to stand up to more demanding tasks, and like any model from Buck, can handle nearly anything thrown it’s way.

As though its reputation is not impressive enough amongst outdoorsmen and critics alike, Buck guarantees all of its products against defect for life, and still proudly operates manufacturing in the United States. A Buck survival pocket knife is at once a piece of history and an irreplaceable tool. They are broadly able to whittle, gut, skin, shape, carve, and fillet, as well as so many tasks that the list could scarcely be enumerated. When you’re ready to invest in a blade from Buck that will stand the test of time and then some, the sure option is to choose White Mountain Knives.

Encyclopedic in its inventory and expert in its selection, White Mountain Knives is the choice supplier not only for knives but also for outdoor equipment and survival gear. They maintain an excellent set of vendor relationships so they have access to inventory even greater than what is listed. Best of all, orders in the United States ship free, so when you’re ready to own a piece of general history that is destined to become personal history, head to

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