Seychelles Wedding Package For UAE Expats

Seychelles Wedding Package

Expats from the United Arab Emirates love Seychelles wedding packages

A formal wedding for UAE expats in Seychelles is one of the greatest possibilities for foreign couples residing in Dubai or Abu Dhabi who want to be married swiftly and without fuss. Expats from the UAE do not require a visa to visit Seychelles. Seychelles has no visa requirements. It is true that this beautiful island nation with pristine beaches and an azure ocean, situated only a few hours away from the UAE, provides quick and easy wedding alternatives. It’s an excellent location for holding your dream wedding and acquiring a legal marriage license while saving money on lawyers and documentation. If you are considering a destination wedding in Seychelles, continue reading to learn what it takes to create your ideal location a reality since the Seychelles islands have a wider range of options. 

Residents of the United Arab Emirates can plan their weddings with ease

Seychelles makes it simple for citizens to marry on the islands. There is no need to gather a large number of certified documents. If you’ve never been married previously, you only need your passport and birth certificate in most circumstances. Because of this straightforward approach, Seychelles is the most popular destination for UAE citizens looking for a wedding in Seychelles.

Things that couples need to know before flying to get married in Seychelles

Your Seychelles wedding will last a little longer than 30 minutes. Within 2-3 days of the ceremony, you will obtain a certified marriage license. After legalization, the certified wedding certificate will be a genuine legal document. For nature enthusiasts who want to see nature at its best, there is bird watching, admiring nature’s best at parks with various flora and fauna, sailboat and helicopter trips, and so on. Large amounts of money or vital papers should be stored in a vault. You shouldn’t have to keep them with you all the time. While traveling, keep a photocopy of your passport always accessible. You’ve already learned many things about the island and may have even begun to arrange your wedding in Seychelles.  

Expats from the United Arab Emirates will find Seychelles to be an ideal honeymoon destination

Accommodations are also gradually specializing in such couples and vacations. Attractive discounts at tranquil hotels with specifically built rooms or suites for a romantic visit. It will make your stay a wonderful adventure. Have a honeymoon that will live on in your memory and heart.

Residents of the United Arab Emirates can have a pleasant and economical wedding in Seychelles

When you arrive in Dubai; one envisions cruise liners, mega-rich, and stunning beaches in Seychelles? That does not have to be the case. Because the Indian Ocean islands are fairly reasonable for wedding couples with limited travel expenditure, visas on arrival are available with only a few conditions. Couples in love, particularly wedding couples, have long recognized the city’s increasing importance as a travel destination. They are increasingly enjoying their honeymoon in Seychelles.

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