How To Hire And Retain Truck Drivers

Retain Truck Drivers

Retaining truck drivers is a major problem that has led to most truck companies having driver shortages. Unlike before, the current market is competitive with rival companies in the industry offering working flexibility and attractive salaries.

So how does a company stand out from the competition when it comes to hiring and retaining truck drivers? Below are some of the various ways truck companies can create an enabling environment that not only attracts the best talent but also retains it.

Rigorous recruitment process

Recruiting permanent truck drivers entails going the extra mile when it comes to hiring the best potential employee. For instance, companies can liaise with truck driving schools to inquire more about a candidate’s competence. A truck company can also go a step further to ensure that a candidate’s overall health is good and that they have no criminal records.

Offer better incentives

Better incentives are a great way of retaining employees and also increasing productivity. Since the truck and transport industry is already competitive, offering bonuses, team retreats, acknowledgment, a flexible schedule or compensation is a great way of retaining employees.

Modern Fleet Management Technology

Embracing fleet management technology goes a long way when it comes to hiring and retaining your truck drivers. This particular technology prioritizes the health of the driver and the safety of the vehicle. 

For instance, using Electronic Logging Devices improves traffic compliance and service delivery. Thanks to its convenience, modern technology for your trucks enables you to effectively meet your operational cost and also retain drivers.

 A conducive work environment

In order to hire or retain a driver, an enabling working environment is essential. Other than attractive salaries, drivers also need a company that values and appreciates them. 

Additionally, also collect feedback on what drivers think the company needs to work on to enable a conducive working environment. The company should therefore make an effort to sort out any grievances or try to involve drivers in the company’s decision-making process goes a long way.

Think of your drivers as long term assets

Other than competitive salaries, drivers need assurance that their well-being and that of their families are well taken care of. For example, a company that offers its drivers health insurance, life insurance, retirement plans, or loan access is definitely going to retain employees for many years.

Job promotion and pay raise

Most drivers if not all typically want a job that allows growth either through promotions or a pay rise after a great performance. In order to hire and also retain competent drivers, a company, therefore, needs to offer drivers a promising contract with something like performance bonuses or pay increases after a certain milestone is achieved.


Truck driver turnover is at an all-time high and truck companies need to take drastic measures. By following all the tips mentioned above, a company will definitely hire the best drivers and also retain them for many years to come. It’s also worth pointing out that as a truck company, having a strong legal team such as a Massachusetts injury lawyer is going to save both the driver and the company time and money when it comes to injury case representation.