Installing Custom Wallpaper: How to Prepare Your Walls for it

Custom Wallpaper

Whether you are re-doing the wallpaper in one small room in your home or planning to install custom-made wallpaper throughout the house, the right preparation tips are necessary. Whether the walls in question have previous wallpaper on them, paint or some other material, you have to follow the right steps to get the most out of your new products.

There are various companies that offer different types of colours, styles and design options for wallpaper. Moreover, you can get custom wallpaper to show your taste and personality. However, before you install wallpaper on any of the walls of your house, you have to prepare the walls to ensure error-free installation. But what are the steps to follow? Here we have put together a few steps for you.

  1. Stripper, steamer and removal

If you want to remove the old wallpaper and replace it with new ones, the process here can range pretty widely in terms of difficulty and time needs. In case, you are lucky, your previous wallpaper will be a modern type which is easy to remove – some even come with straight peeling removal qualities, or something similarly simple. In some other cases, you may have to spend a lot of time and elbow grease here. Tougher wallpaper may respond well to being soaked with some warm water and wallpaper stripper for a few minutes, then slowly and carefully stripped off. Finally, if you have a few basic spots left that won’t g away then use a scraper and get them off.

  1. Wallpaper over paint

In some of the cases, you need to remove some chalky paint coverings. If this is the case, soak them with water, as well as wallpaper removal solution, and then wash them off. It will allow you to use a primer or lining paper for your own wallpaper. If you are in a situation where oil, emulsion or gloss paints have been used, it will be a little simpler. Many of these paints can simply be left on the wall, use some sticky tape peeled off the wall to determine what is the case. If the paint is coming off on the taps as you remove it, this needs to be cleared. If not so, you can simply apply wallpaper over it.

  1. Wallpaper on plaster

In some situations, you will need to apply plaster to a given wall in order to make it even for proper wallpaper application. In these cases, prepare for several additional weeks on your process. The better ventilated your room is, the faster the plaster can dry out. And once the plaster dries, ensure to use wallpaper primer so the wall does not damage later on.

In some rare cases, you may need to use filler. But you should be careful when using it. If you want to know more about how to prepare the walls for wallpaper installation ask the signwriters when buying custom wallpaper or building signage Adelaide from them.

Author bio: Jackson Smith is a popular sign maker and a regular blogger on building signage Adelaide. In this write-up, he has put together what to do to prepare your walls for installing custom wallpaper.