Tips To Hire The Best Basement Underpinning Contractor in Toronto

basement underpinning in Canada

Underpinning involves meticulous construction task which needs the expertise of a structural engineer and trained waterproofing contractors. Though you can manage other renovation jobs with the help of handymen, but underpinning is a sensitive task and should be only handled by professionals. Basement underpinning includes digging of the foundation of the house and then reinforcing the structural piles around it. It leads to bigger ceilings and a more robust foundation for your house. 

Get approval for basement underpinning in Canada

First and foremost, before starting the project, you need to get an approval from the local municipality. No matter where you are in Toronto, you need to get approval from one of the five municipalities of the area for a major construction job. 

You have 5 municipalities in the Greater Toronto- York, Peel, Halton Durham and Toronto. Each of them has their own building codes and laws for basement and underpinning.

The local municipality will see your documents and map of the underpinning house. After the proposal is submitted, a designated engineer with approve your building project.

Appoint a structural engineer

It is important to appoint an engineer with good experience and repute for basement underpinning. It will enhance your chances of getting approval for construction.

The on-site engineer is responsible to collect the documents and make an underpinning plan. An efficient project plan will guarantee that the project gets completed in the given time, within the prescribed budget.

After the approval, a basement underpinning contractor should be appointed.  

Points to consider when hiring basement underpinning specialists in Toronto

Some of the points to keep in mind when hiring basement underpinning specialists in Toronto are:

  1. A written price estimates that the job will be done within budget.
  2. Approved construction insurance and other relevant documents
  3. Proof of previous projects and referrals

Hiring a professional contractor will ease your task and help it to get completed within the given time and budget. If you have hired a wrong underpinning contractor, then contact the legal advice and report about them.

At, we have our team of experienced contractors who can handle your underpinning projects with great ease and efficiency.

How much does underpinning cost in Toronto?

Well, the cost of an underpinning project depends on several factors. Knowledge and experience should be your top most priority when hiring contractors. 

The base price is usually assessed by a price per liner foot which is then multiplied with bench footing and suggested digging depth. Also, the overall surface area of the property along with structural intricacies should be considered while calculating the cost.

Will underpinning prevent flooding in your basement?

It is important to know waterproofing and underpinning are completely different. While underpinning is done to raise ceiling heights and enhance the aesthetic value of your basement, waterproofing includes repairing the building foundation to avoid future leakage. 

So, when going for underpinning, make sure your property is completely waterproofed. For home owners in Toronto, spring can create leakage problems. Visit our website to learn how to deal with leakage issues in Toronto houses.

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