Guide to a Camarillo DUI Attorney

Guide to a Camarillo DUI Attorney

Drinking while driving is a serious offence in Camarillo. Ventura county is very strict because they take DUI’s very seriously, and you can end up being in a world of trouble if you simply try to do all of the representation yourself. That’s where a DUI attorney comes in. You need to know when you’re going to need to hire an attorney versus when you don’t need to, and depending on the severity of your DUI, you may want to consider hiring one anyway. Some people do opt to have a basic court-appointed lawyer, and this can have a 50/50 chance of being successful to help with their pleas. We’re going to give you this guide to help you find the right Camarillo DUI attorney for you.

Step One – Shut Up.

It sounds mean, I know, but believe it or not, silence is goldenin the court of law, and the best attorneys know this. Some attorneys have the tendency to let the client speak more than they should, but the best attorneys know that in order to avoid self-incrimination, they’ll be able to tell you to keep quiet as much as possible to protect your rights. When you ask about an attorney, ask them questions about different things and make sure that you tell only the lawyer what is going on.

Don’t Think Your Lawyer Only Has Time for You

This is a very common mistake, and it ends up in so many people jumping the gun on cancelling representation, as well as incriminating themselves in court. Since the court process for a DUI of alcohol or drugs moves pretty quick, some people think that their lawyer taking the proper amount of time, or being hard to talk to all the time is a bad thing. It doesn’t hurt to talk to the office staff at an attorney’s office – they’ll forward the message along. Most good lawyers have hundreds of cases every month (if not more), so don’t think that you’re the only person that they are going to make time for – that’s selfish.

Ask About Pleas

Your lawyer may want to offer a plea bargain. You want to weigh the options of every single one of them if you’re arrested with a DUI under your belt – especially if it’s your second or third offense. A lot of states will revoke a person’s driver’s license for a long period of time for a repeat offender, but with the right plea bargain, you may be able to get away with even as little jailtime or charges possible.


When you’re in Ventura County and you want to hire a good lawyer, you need to shop around, sure. But you want to also ask one main question to every attorney you talk to – how many DUI cases per month do you have on average compared to others? This question can greatly help you because you want someone to answer a decent number percentage to show that they specialize in this field. Don’t go with someone who has less than about 25% of their cases in the DUI court system.