The Rise and Fall of the Boonk Gang: An Inside Look

Boonk Gang

Have you ever wondered what happened to The Boonk Gang? It was once one of the most talked about social media phenomenons of its time, and for good reason.

The Boonk Gang was a group of internet pranksters and social media celebrities who rose to fame in the early 2010s with their outrageous stunts, videos, and photos. They gained a massive following on Instagram, Snapchat, and other social networks before eventually fading away into obscurity.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the rise and fall of The Boonk Gang. We’ll explore how they became so popular, how their fame ultimately led to their downfall, and why some people still miss the gang today. We’ll also examine what lessons we can learn from this fascinating group of individuals who managed to capture the attention of millions around the world.

The Origins of the Boonk Gang

If you’re not familiar with John Robert Hill, the rapper and internet star better known as Boonk Gang, you’d be forgiven for not knowing about his wild and often controversial rise to fame. Before he was the Boonk Gang we know today, he was just a young man from Jacksonville, Florida. It all began with a series of videos uploaded to his Instagram page that showcased Hill’s outrageous stunts and stunts as well as his wild lifestyle.

Boonk Gang

From there, things only ramped up. After amassing hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, Hill began to embrace the meme culture of the internet in order to extend his reach even further. He would often post short snippets of himself performing outrageous stunts and accompanying them with creative hashtags and captions that quickly went viral. People were enthralled by his outlandish behavior and flocked to him in droves which caused his fame to skyrocket.

Thanks in part due to this exponential growth in popularity, Hill founded a record label named Boonk Gang Records in 2018 and quickly dominated the rap charts with a number of releases that showcased his unique style of hip-hop and gangster rap. With a laundry list of adoring fans and millions upon millions of views online, it seemed like nothing could stop the rise of the Boonk Gang.

Who Was in the Boonk Gang? Meet John Gabbana Aka Boonk Gang

John Gabbana is the creator of the Boonk Gang rap and YouTube movement. He became famous for his outrageous stunts, which he posted on social media. These stunts often involved Gabbana stealing food or other items and then giving them away, earning him the nickname “Boonk Gang”.

Gabbana was born in Miami, Florida, in 1996 and raised by his mother and grandfather. As a teen, he developed a strong interest in hip-hop music which soon became his full-time career. He gained notoriety with his hit single “Living Legend” featuring fellow Miami rapper Kodak Black. The release of this single marked the start of the Boonk Gang movement, with Gabbana becoming a popular figure in both the hip-hop community and social media world.

However, in 2018, Gabbana’s popularity began to dwindle amidst reports of criminal offenses ranging from fraud to shoplifting. After months of legal battles and a period of relative silence on social media outlets, John Gabbana finally returned to the scene with a mixtape titled The Rise & Fall Of Boonk Gang in mid-2019. In it, Gabbana candidly discussed his struggles with fame and criminal charges while simultaneously attempting to revitalize what had once been one of rap’s biggest movements.

Boonk Gang’s Viral YouTube Pranks and Challenges

Remember when Boonk Gang was all the rage? At the peak of his fame, John Robert Hillman, better known as Boonk Gang, was everywhere. From his now-infamous bank robbery turned prank to his daring challenges, he had a widespread following that enjoyed every moment of it.

Boonk Gang’s YouTube pranks and challenges were met with an overwhelming response from fans, as they were surprisingly entertaining considering the subject matter. Whether it was “Boonk in the Bank” or stealing a stranger’s phone, Boonk Gang had an insane knack for creating viral moments that captivated people in a way that hadn’t been seen before.

His relentless pursuit of viral success seemed to work – however briefly – resulting in millions of views on YouTube, and even some radio play with songs like “Ride” and “Get Money.” Despite the obvious legal consequences that may arise from such stunts and pranks, Boonk Gang continued to push boundaries. He managed to boast up to 1 million followers and subscribers on various social media networks at one point.

So why did this online star eventually crash and burn? We’ll explore that in the next section!

Boonk Gang’s Music Career and Controversies

The Boonk Gang music career was significant, but they are even more recognized for their controversies. The group’s members were known for their outlandish behavior and posts on social media. Some of their most infamous stunts included breaking into a supermarket to steal snack food, vandalizing a public bus, and live streaming themselves at the beach without pants.

However, the most famous controversy of the Boonk Gang is their feud with rapper NBA YoungBoy. It began after Boonk posted a video of himself and YoungBoy’s ex-girlfriend, to which the latter responded with an online video threat. This led to numerous diss tracks from both sides and resulted in several legal issues for both parties.

The controversy eventually ended when the two rappers reconciled on national television. While this seemed to be a happy ending to the feud, it was just one in a long string of troubles facing the Boonk Gang at that time. Unfortunately, this drama was only the beginning of their fall from fame.

Boonk Gang’s Legal Troubles and Eventual Downfall

The Boonk Gang’s success was short lived, as a string of legal troubles began to take its toll. John Gabbana, the self-proclaimed leader of the Boonk Gang, was arrested in 2018 after stealing a bag of shrimp from a Miami restaurant.

The arrest marked the beginning of the Boonk Gang’s downfall and marked the end of John Gabbana’s influence within the group. As Gabbana began to face legal repercussions for his crimes, other members of the group distanced themselves from him and eventually disbanded altogether.

Unfortunately for Gabbana, his legal troubles continued to mount over time – in 2019 he was arrested for disorderly conduct and drug possession in Dallas, Texas. The arrest was followed by an indictment on federal bank fraud charges in May 2020 that soon led to his incarceration.

After serving several months in prison, Gabbana was released in January 2021 with a 3 year probation sentence hanging over him – leaving both him and his former Boonk fans wondering if they will ever see or hear from John Gabbana ever again.

Where Is Boonk Gang Now? His Life After the Gang

So what happened to Boonk and the Boonk Gang? After a few years of wild popularity, the fame started to wear off. Boonk Gang’s reckless behavior on social media had caught up with him, as his antics earned him scrutiny by law enforcement. He was arrested and sentenced to community service for robbery, which he served in 2019.

Since then, Boonk has become an advocate for change and making better decisions in life. His message is one of personal responsibility and understanding the consequences of your actions. He was featured in a documentary called “Boonk: Life After The Gang,” where he talks about street culture, the importance of education, and how to find success without resorting to criminal behavior. Nowadays, you can follow him on Instagram or Twitter where he posts motivational quotes and life advice.

How old is Boonk Gang?

If you’re wondering how old The Boonk Gang is, their rise and fall is largely attributed to the emerging social media platform, Vine. The original team of five members, Boonk Johnson and his friends, began uploading Vine videos in late 2013 through mid-2014.

Their explosive popularity was fueled by their short, often comical videos which gained millions of views and won the hearts of many social media fanatics. At its peak in late 2014, The Boonk Gang had over 5 million followers on the platform. This transcended into opportunities outside of social media such as acting and music production.

But such success was short-lived as Vine never truly recovered from its declining viewership in early 2015. The remaining members disbanded shortly after and Johnson began to face legal trouble resulting in jail time for a series of criminal offenses he committed over a four year period from 2014 to 2018.

Despite his fall from grace within the entertainment world, Boonk Johnson has managed to maintain a small presence on various social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube with around 1.2M followers combined, giving fans a window into his current comings and goings.

Boonk Gang Net Worth

When the Boonk Gang first rose to fame, its members were celebrated for their success and their huge net worth. At its peak, the estimated net worth of the Boonk Gang was a staggering $15 million.

This success was attributed to several successful investments that members of the gang made in various industries, including real estate and cryptocurrency trading. The Boonk Gang leveraged their social media presence to gain exposure and attract investors.

They also earned revenue through YouTube ad revenue, appearances on television shows, other social media advertising opportunities, and music production.

But things changed quickly for the once-lucrative group after several instances of criminal behavior. The violations included grand larceny, destruction of property, theft, fraud, battery and more – all crimes that brought heavy fines and sentences from the courts. This marked a drastic fall from grace for the group who had been living large as millionaires just months prior.

The Boonk Gang’s current estimated net worth is about $200 thousand — a far cry from its former glory days — but leaving behind a larger than life legacy in modern culture.


All in all, the rise and fall of the Boonk Gang is a cautionary tale for anyone in the spotlight. John Robert Hillman, the infamous figurehead, rose quickly to fame and the trappings of it without taking into account the consequences of his behavior. Despite his notoriety and flamboyance, his mistakes resulted in a swift demise.

John Robert Hillman’s story is a reminder that the line between fame and infamy can be thin, and even a few wrong steps can have drastic consequences. Thanks to his story, and the transparency of social media, we can better understand the importance of accountability and responsibility when it comes to living in the public eye.

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