The Top 12 Thriller Anime To Watch This Weekend

thriller anime

Thriller anime has always been one of the top rated genres of anime. You get so many types and series here that it simply blows the top of the head off. Ever since anime became a popular means of entertainment for the global audience, we have had thriller anime. In this list, we have gathered some incredible series from around the world. That you can watch to your own delight. Don’t worry at all, because we are here with the list. Are you ready to dive straight in? Let us begin then. 


Disaster has arrived. World War III is over and the world is in utter ruins. Death stalks the cities and citizens huddle together for food and warmth. All of a sudden, a massive city called Olympus emerged from the ruins to become a veritable utopia. Humans, cyborgs and bioroids live together in relative peace and harmony now. But of course, no place is perfect and Olympus is far from that definition. Our hero, Calon Mautholos, is one such person. His wife dies because of the city’s oppressive rules and he decides to plot with a terrorist to bring it down. 

Ikki Tousen

Imagine if you were a student at a school where people are made to fight in life or death battles. How horrible would that be? This anime explores precisely that side of the world with its gruesome duels and politics. Our protagonist Hakufu Sonaksu is one of the best martial artists in the world but she is destined to be killed by Ukitsu. Imagine a fate as terrible as that. We follow the lives of an extraordinary cast of characters. We also partake of their trials and tribulations. It is a wonderful series and you will definitely love it. 

School Days

Now this is a really complex anime for the lovers of the genre. Makotou becomes dangerously obsessed with a girl in his class, Kotonoha. But he is shy and introverted so he never takes the step forward to talk to her. But one day, his best friend discovers this and decides to help him get her. As you can see, this starts to form a really strange triangle between the three of them. It is a very deep anime and you will love it to bits. Full of sorrow and love and deep longing for each other. 

Beyblade Burst

All of us have played Beyblade at some point in our lives. It provides great excitement to watch sparks fly from the little tops strike against each other. But what about the series that started it all. You need to watch Beyblade Burst to get a full experience of the phenomenon. The friendship and bonds between brothers are one of the best in the entire gamut. The bonding between characters is great to watch. It is really great and one of the best things to happen to the world of anime. Go ahead and watch Beyblade Burst. 


Before meta fiction was a thing in anime, Btooom! did it perfectly with its incredible story and great choice of casting. However, let us tell you taht we follow the story of Ryouta Sakamoto, who is a talented gamer with lots of fame online. One day he wakes up on a strange island with no memory of how he got there. We then realize it is the real life version of the game. Now our hero must fight others like him with guns and bombs before they can take his life. Sounds fun? Wait till you watch the entire series in one sitting.


Sign up here for your daily dose of extra dimensional drama. The world of Promare holds a very interesting premise indeed. Fiery mutants called Burnish have invaded Earth and wreaked havoc upon one and all. But do you think we are weak and devoid of defense? You better not believe it. We have the Burning Rescue, a skilled firefighter team that saves the common folk from such creatures. The rest of the anime follows the efforts of this group as they fight the Burnish and make the world a better place for all to live. You will definitely love it. 

Deadman Wonderland

imagine an amusement park where dangerous convicts put on performances for freedom. Sounds exciting? Only a fool would believe that. On the contrary, it sounds mad and very, very risky indeed. But this is the premise of Deadman Wonderland. We have Ganta Igarashi and his friends visit the so-called wonderland for a bit of fun. But then a maniac slaughters his entire class and frames him. Ganta must now prove his innocence while participating in the most dangerous games in all of existence. He must also chase and imprison the Red Man, the villain who committed the murders and began his descent into madness. 

Wonder Egg Priority

When a loved one commits suicide, it is always devastating for the person. Ai Ooto is no different and thinks her depression from her best friend’s suicide would never end. But there might still be some hope for the feisty girl. A mysterious entity then transports her to a fantasy world where Ai Ooto must gather Wonder Eggs and use them to help people. She realizes the entity is only trying to help her. After all, when we help others in facing their demons we are also facing our own. 

Ergo Proxy

Imagine if one day, you woke up to become aware of the fact that you are actually a robot. How terrifying would that moment of awareness be? Now take a robot and give it the same condition. This is the premise of Ergo Proxy. We have a class of robots named AutoRievs who are affected by the sinister Cogito virus and become self aware all at once. Vincent Law must now use all his skills to find out who exactly it is what invented this virus and stop it. The clock is ticking, and the race for the world has begun. 

Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade

Welcome to an alternate version of Japan after WWII. Unfortunately, the war has led to widespread anarchy and chaos all across the islands now. Constable Kazuki Fuse is one of the elite counter-terrorism agents who helps make Japan a safer place. But then he witnesses the suicide bombing of a young girl and realizes something wrong. The rest of the anime is about his reevaluation and journey to recover his purpose for fighting in the first place. It is an exploration of human fears, desperation, political ideology and the rest of the gamut. 


Just Google the story of Yasuke and get ready for a visual treat. He was one of the first foreign samurai to participate in the massive Sengoku Jidai in Japan. And guess what? He was black. This is an incredible cherry on the top of the cake. The anime that follows his exploits is also very well made and we are really spiffed to share it with you. Follow Yasuke as he gets entangled in a devastating war to protect the very spirit of the world. Along the way he makes a lot of friends. And gathers a lot of enemies as well. 

Record of Ragnarok

We are going to end the list with one of the best and most meaningful anime ever made. Every millennium or so, the gods and famous characters of every culture gather to decide the fate of humanity. Only this time, there is going to be a massive pit fight where the winners might get to decide whose side lives. And whose, of course, perishes. We can guarantee you are going to have a wonderful time watching the series. 

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