Everything You Need to know about High School Musical 4

high school musical 4

To begin with, High School Musical is one of the most famous movies in Hollywood. The movie’s first three parts were really good. It is a huge success all over the world. Currently, the makers of the movie are all set to release the fourth part.

Yes, you heard me right High School Musical 4 is releasing soon.

History on High School Musical

High School Musical is a musical comedy movie made in the United States of America. The creator of the movie is Peter Barsocchini. A book, music, video games, television series was also part of the High School Musical franchise.

The first part of the High School Musical film was a part of Disney movies. After a huge success of the first part the makers decided to make two more. But the third part of the film was a theatrical release.

Later on, the makers of the movie have decided to release four parts of the movie. They decided to make High School Musical four because of the demand of fans.

Even more, the success of the film in the theaters is the main reason for the latest part. In fact, in early 2016 there were rumors of High School 4. But for years there was no news about the making or release of the movie.

Finally, in 2020 we get to see the new and latest part of the High School Musical 4.

What is the plot of High School Musical 4?

  • Background

Like its previous parts, High School Musical is all about music and sports. The announcement on the release of the new movie was made by Disney some time ago. Yet, the key features of the movie are kept a secret except for two things.

Firstly the new part of the film will surprise the audience in terms of plot and roles. The film will have new main actors and a story line.

Secondly, none of the original actors has signed for the new part of the movie. There is news that the makers are positive about not hiring the old cast.

The reason for the above-mentioned cast decision is the story line. Yet, there are chances of at least one character returning as a cameo. We may get to see Coach Bolton or anyone else.

  • The main plot of the movie

Coming to the story line the movie will follow new high school students. These students will be attending the familiar East High school and the West High Knights. This is the reason why the new part is High School Musical: East Meets West.

Movie’s main plot will be the rivalry between these two high schools. Even more, the new part will focus on music and soccer. Alternatively, the previous parts of the movie focused on basketball.

The main characters of the movie will be Erin, Derek, Campbell, Nathalie, and Tamara. The movie is happening. The most awaited film of the year is all set to be made and released soon.

Introduction of the main characters of the movie

As previously mentioned the main roles of the movie are five high school students. Their names are Erin, Derek, Campbell, Nathalie, and Tamara.

  • First, lets us see the character of Erin. She is a very good soccer player in the movie. In fact, her talent for the sport gets her a place in the team. Erin is the only female player in the all-male soccer team. Even more, Erin has feelings for Derek.
  • Second, Derek is the bad boy of the school. The female main character of the movie has a strong feeling for him. Actually, Derek is misunderstood; he is a good person inside out. He is also the best dancer and soccer player.
  • The third character of the movie is Campbell. He is the captain of the school soccer team. He also has feelings for Erin. But he is not too happy knowing that she has fallen for Derek. Furthermore, he has a connection to the before parts of the movie. Campbell is the cousin of Sharpay Evans and brother of Ryan from the original movie.
  • The fourth important character in the movie is Nathalie. She is a cheerleader of the school. Nathalie is a very happy girl with a positive attitude about everything. Further, she is the best friend of Erin.
  • Lastly, it is Tamara, an ex-popular girl at the school. She is the initial queen-bee of East high school. Tamara loses her status as a popular student due to some reasons. Further, she tries very hard throughout the movie to gain back her status.

When is the movie releasing?

Though the High School Musical The Musical The Series movie is being made by excellent people in their field, the release date is unknown. It may release in the latter part of 2021.

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, High School Musical 4 part is the most awaited movie. Though the shooting of the movie is not happening due to COVID-19 it will start soon.

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