Top Stranger Things Facts That You Will Find Weird, Wacky and Plain Nostalgic

Stranger Things Facts

Here is a list of Stranger Things facts that you will definitely find nostalgic or plain weird. This popular science fiction series has a singular record. People all around the world love it for its unique premise, its lovable characters and wonderful action scenes. There are already talks of getting several spin-offs as well as movies now that the original series is reaching its final season. But before that happens and we get to see our characters one last time, let us discuss some facts about Stranger Things. 

Eleven is British

Here are some interesting facts about Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) that you might not know. She’s a British actress who grew up in Spain. When she was seven, her parents enrolled her in an acting school in L.A., and they have been living in the U.S. since then. And here’s a bonus fact: Charlie Heaton, who played Jonathan, is also British! Also, it doesn’t show in their accents. 

She Bald Head was Real

Millie Bobby Brown deserves praise for her bravery at just 12 years old when she shaved her hair. The directors encouraged her to channel Charlize Theron’s mindset in Mad Max. Impressive! However, in Season 4, Eleven’s buzzcut was actually a wig, not a shaved head. Furthermore, this was quite the commitment to her role. 

Eleven is British

Based on Real Life

While real life doesn’t involve Demogorgons or superpowered kids, a part of Stranger Things is inspired by reality. The Duffer Brothers took inspiration from “The Montauk Project” in the early 80s. It involved time travel, warfare, and the disturbing kidnapping of children. Spooky, right? Also, there are several other government projects like this that the government hid from the public for several years. 

Singers, Too

Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) and Millie Bobby Brown have impressive singing talents. Millie shares singing videos on YouTube, and Gaten previously starred in Les Miserables. Their voices are amazing, especially Gaten’s – it’s truly mind-blowing! Also, it is really good that the cast does something else apart from acting. And what’s more, they are rather good at it. 

Steven Spielberg was an Inspiration

It’s not surprising that Stranger Things is packed with references to classic movies! The show’s creators, the Duffer Brothers, drew inspiration from renowned filmmakers like Steven Spielberg, Stephen King, and John Carpenter when they made the original Netflix series. If you watch movies by these maestros, you are in for a nice treat. 

Steven Spielberg was an Inspiration

Rejected Several Times

Yes, it’s true! The Duffer Brothers shared in an interview with Rolling Stone that Stranger Things faced rejection from numerous networks about 15-20 times. Also, every great  work of art first goes through a variety of rejections. Remember, it happened with Harry Potter as well when Rowling first conceived it. 

Some networks didn’t like that the show focused on children but wasn’t intended for kids. They suggested either turning it into a kids show or making it about a detective investigating paranormal activity.

Dustin Suffers from a Condition

Gaten Matarazzo has a rare condition called cleidocranial dysplasia that affects his teeth and bones. Because of this, he wears fake teeth. Gaten bravely uses his fame to spread awareness about his disorder. Surprisingly, his condition caused him to lose out on 100 acting roles! Also, we are pretty relieved The Duffer Brothers signed him on. 

Eleven was Complicated

You might think auditioning for the role of Eleven would be easy since she didn’t speak much and just stared. However, it was actually “complicated” for Millie Bobby Brown. She cried a lot during the audition and only had to say, “It’s behind you!” She auditioned multiple times, including through Skype and meeting the Duffers in person. Finally, she had to cut off all her hair and got the job.

Rejected Several Times

The Kids have Great Chemistry

The kids became good friends off-camera too! They started a group chat called “Stranger Texts” and quickly bonded. When they filmed their first scene together playing Dungeons and Dragons, their chemistry was amazing. The Duffer Brothers said they acted like they had been friends forever. Also, we think the entire cast has made friends for life. This is really beautiful. 

The Nosebleeds are Real

The nosebleeds Eleven has in the show are not computer-generated. Instead, the actress uses fake blood that she squirts into her nose before filming. They only use CGI for the blood when they need to save time. Also, the dedication to her role is incredible. We wish more actors has such talent. 

80s Movies as References

Before filming Stranger Things, the young actors and writers were instructed to watch classic movies like The Goonies and Poltergeist. These films served as inspiration for the show, helping to capture its nostalgic and adventurous spirit. Also, classic movies serve as a rather good reference point for all the movies and series that speak of life in the 80s. 

The Nosebleeds are Real

The Main Title as Well

The opening credits of Stranger Things were influenced by the work of Richard Greenberg, the designer of titles for movies like Alien, Superman, The Goonies, and The Dead Zone. The show captures the essence of 70’s and 80’s films in various aspects, including its opening sequence. Also, it is quite nostalgic as well. 

Stephen King Spotted Millie

Stephen King recognized Millie Bobby Brown’s talent when he saw her performance in Intruders. He was so impressed that he tweeted about her in 2014. It’s clear that Millie was destined to be a star! Also, when Stephen King notices you, you know you are special. That is incredible. 

Hundreds of People Auditioned

Casting the right actors for Stranger Things was a challenging task. Around 906 boys and 307 girls auditioned for the roles. Interestingly, during the auditions, the kids had to read scripts from the beloved 80’s movie, Stand by Me. The final cast choice was truly remarkable! Also, this is one of the most incredible auditions in recent history. And the casting choices were very well-made. We thank the Duffer Brothers for that. 

Stephen King Spotted Millie

The Demogorgon 

The Demogorgon’s terrifying face opening is made possible by 27 separate motors. Surprisingly, the costume’s control mechanism remains in a small backpack worn with the suit. It’s both fascinating and spooky! Also, we can only imagine the amount of makeup and practical effects required to make it a huge success. 

Gaten Actually Carried Millie

It’s hard to believe, but Gaten actually carried Millie in the season one finale! Despite being small, he showed incredible strength. Finn couldn’t do it, so Gaten stepped in to lend a hand. Impressive teamwork! Also, he is one of the most hardworking members on the show. Everybody appreciates Gaten a lot for his thoughtfulness. 

Robin’s Parents are Famous

In real life, the actress who portrays Robin is Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke’s daughter. Maya Hawke resembles and sounds like her famous mother. It’s no surprise she has a lot of talent! Also, most people were wondering about Maya’s origins. Kill Bill, I am pretty sure about it. 

Gaten Actually Carried Millie

Eleven’s Death was Funny

The group found Eleven’s death scene in season one to be the funniest scene in the series. They couldn’t stop laughing, just like us when we read these funny Stranger Things jokes! Also, a cast that has fun while filming scenes is one that stays together after shooting wraps up.

E.T. and Eleven

During the production of season one, the creators instructed Millie to perform as Eleven, drawing inspiration from the character E.T. This guidance influenced her portrayal, explaining her alien-like behaviors. Also, we like it when a classic movie gets a nod from the creators of a new series. This is quite nostalgic and we all love it. 

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