Applying for Permanent Residence and Green Cards – Are More People Moving to The US for Work?

Permanent Residence and Green Cards

Applications for permanent residence and green cards in another country is a popular option for those wanting a change in environment. Perhaps you’re developing your career or have received a promotion that requires you to relocate to where the business has their headquarters? Here’s why many people are choosing to move abroad to kickstart their career, and tips on how to do it correctly. 

A Change of Environment

Many people choose to relocate to the US when looking for work as they are seeking a change of environment. 

For example, they might have lived in a town with a small population for their entire life and are looking for something bigger and more exciting. A change in environment can be just what you need to rediscover an old creative streak or find something that inspires you to pick up a new one.

For workers who enjoy the nomadic lifestyle such as travel influencers, tattoo artists, or musicians, a different in environment will be something that they are used to, and they might find themselves often travelling to different countries for years at a time. 

A Promotion

Promotions or career path changes can often result in the need for relocating. An example of this would be a site manager in Stockholm, Sweden being promoted to CEO of a business that has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. 

For the employee to be able to work closer with his team to make big business decisions, they might decide to relocate. This way they can be more involved with the business and show the owners of the company that they are committed and dedicated to their job. 

Some companies may even offer to cover the cost of a property in the new location, making the deal sound much more promising and enticing. 

There’re More Jobs Available

Depending on where you live and what you specialise as, you might find relocating to another country easier to allow your career to take off. There might be higher demand for your skillset elsewhere. 

If you live somewhere that is oversaturated with employees who also work in your sector, but a need for them elsewhere, moving will give you the upper hand and allow you to continue doing what you love and getting recognised for it. 

Things to Do Before You Move

Don’t let the excitement of moving cause you to get ahead of yourself. There’s plenty of things to make sure you’ve done before you board the plane and kiss your old life goodbye. 

  • Research, research, research!

It’s important that you do your research and know what to expect. Be sure to check out the area you’ll be relocating to, along with any legal documentation and requirements that you might need to consider before moving.

  • Understand the country’s culture
    It’s a good rule of thumb learn about the culture of the country that you’ll be moving to before you do so. Especially if there is anything that may be frowned upon or against the religion if it is a particularly religious country. Showing respect is a great way to gain the trust of your new neighbours and you’ll find it much easier to settle in, as well as feeling more comfortable if you need to ask for help or directions.
  • Weigh up the pros and cons
    Consider the pros and cons of relocating for work. Ask yourself “Why is it that I am moving?”. If you’re starting to have doubts or have a gut feeling telling you that you shouldn’t go, listen to it – there’s probably a reason. If you’re close with your family and friends, consider this too as you might find it more difficult to see them or have regular calls with them to catch up, especially if you’re going to be moving into a different time zone. 

Enjoy yourself
Changes can be scary, but they are also exciting. Try not to worry too much and think about all the fun new activities you’ll be able to do and new places you’ll get to explore. Relax, be confident, and get ready for the new journey ahead.

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