Top 12 Mystery Anime to Watch Right Now

Mystery Anime

Mystery anime has always been one of the top rated genres of anime. You get so many types and series here that it simply blows the top of the head off. Ever since anime became a popular means of entertainment for the global audience, we have had mystery anime. In this list, we have gathered some incredible series from around the world. That you can watch to your own delight. Don’t worry at all, because we are here with the list. Are you ready to dive straight in? Let us begin then. 

Zankyou No Terror

We have one of the finest offerings of this year for you. Zankyou No Terror deals with a lot of complex issues at once. The main story is that of a terrorist attack on a Japanese nuclear facility. Of course, we do not have to tell you how devastating that can be. We even get to see a group claiming responsibility for the attack, namely Sphinx. What’s more, they even taunt the authorities with clues and challenges to find them before they can strike again. We follow detective Kenjirou Shibazaki as he tries to piece together clues and find the terrorists. 

Kanata No Astra

Do you like space travel? And the many dangers and challenges associated with it. The heroine is called Aries Spring. And she is pretty thrilled about her upcoming trip to the planet McPa. However, things rarely go as we want them to and Aries finds herself in a kettle of hot water. Did we mention the abandoned spaceship yet? Oh no, that would simply be spoiling the fun for you. Go ahead and watch the series yourself. You will not regret it. I am being serious, folks. It is one of the best out there. 


Who does not like a bit of gangster drama with their morning tea? We know you do, and thus we bring you this strange series named Durarara!! It concerns the adventures of a boy named Mikado, who moves to Tokyo after being prompted by his childhood friend. Now here is the peculiar thing. Among the gangs that rove throughout Tokyo there is a legend. And the legend talks about a headless black rider that arrives with deadly vengeance in heart. You might be thinking when things take a supernatural turn. The answer is right from the moment you start watching. 

Princess Tutu

We all love fairytales so much, don’t we? This much is part of our psychological fabric. You cannot simply back out of a good fairy tale. And Princess Tutu does begin like a really beautiful fable. The titular character is actually a swan transformed into a human being with magic. Sounds familiar? It should be. Princess Tutu is on a very important quest to collect the shards of her prince’s heart. He, on the other hand, had broken it to imprison a very evil raven. Up for some confrontation between the swan and the raven? Go for this series.

Higurashi When They Cry-Kai

This one is a classic example of a time loop thriller. We find ourselves in a serene village named Hinamizawa, which is hiding a terrible secret. Our protagonist, Rika, witnesses dreadful things unfold in a constant loop until she decides to do something about it. Fans will definitely root for the plucky girl as she races against time. Get the pun? There is a villain too. Though he remains in the shadows for much of the series. We need to watch the rest of the series. To find out who it actually is. 

Girls’ Last Tour

We think this one is pretty bleak and pretty hopeful at the same time. You will need to sit with a box of tissues for Girls’s Last Tour. Chito and Yuuri are two friends. Now they are traveling cross country in the aftermath of a war. You can ask why the war happened in the first place? Nobody knows. But we get to understand a lot of things as we progress through the series. But snowball fights, discovering new books and understanding the meaning of life takes a nice turn further in the series. We hope you will love it. 

Revolutionary Girl Utena

Here is another fairy tale-like story for you. Let us tell you a short fable. Long back ago, there was a princess who lost both her students in a tragic accident. Then she met a prince who promised her the world and gave her a ring. Our story takes a very interesting turn from here when Utena enrolls in an elite academy. But wait. We cannot give away anything more than that at this point. It would be a spoiler. And we do not want to spoil it for you. So watch it yourself and decide. 

Great Pretender

What can we say? We simply cannot get enough of rogues and thieves. There is something delightful and charming about them, isn’t there? Great Pretender should be right up your alley if you share our tastes as well. Makato is a con artist and pretty skilled at the job. But as we know, the life of a con artist is not all what it seems. Makato falls prey to the machinations of another con artist named Laurent Thierry. What a shocking twist to the case, eh? We invite you to join this rollicking chase across the world. 

Heavenly Delusion

Okay, now is the time for something horrifying. We all have heard a lot about cannibals and giants. In fact, many of you must have even seen the hit series Attack on Titan. So if you love a bit of gore and slasher action, Heavenly Delusion is the series for you. Beware! For the apocalypse has come and gone and deadly monsters now roam the earth. But hope blooms even in the midst of this. A group of children find shelter in an isolated facility. Everything is fine, but is it? Watch the series to know more. 

Black Butler Movie: Book of the Atlantic

Time to step back in history and discover the Victorian Era once again. Ciel Phantomhive, royal Guard Dog and the Queen’s agent, must solve a case of supernatural incidents in London. What could have caused such an upset among the good citizens? Only God and Saint George can now deliver them. But wait? Phantomhive is a regular badass hero. Surely he has some divine trick to deliver us all from evil? To find out, you must watch this excellent historical fiction series from an era that we all can’t get enough of. 

Moriarty The Patriot

The Napoleon of Crime is back in a new avatar, all polished and decked up to fight for his country. But wait. What is this? The Moriarty in this series is not just one man. In fact, it is a trio of brothers who take down corrupt nobles together. This is yet another example of fine historical drama and we need you all to watch it in its entirety. Sherlock Holmes and Watson are also here. Though they perform the task of trying to stop the Moriarties before they can carry out their rather noble schemes. You have to see it to believe it. 

Ghost in the Shell

Are you ready for the last rec? Okay then here is a classic for you. We are sure a lot of you might have already seen this one. A cybernetically enhanced soldier on the quest to find the meaning of existence and life. Sounds familiar? The original movie came out in 1995 and immediately became a superhit around the world. We recommend this with all our hearts, minds and souls to you. It is a magnificent work of art. And one of the oldest examples of cyberpunk fiction. It is a guarantee you will love it. 

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