Top 12 Babysitting Apps for You

Babysitting Apps

These are the top 12 babysitting apps in the market right now. Nowadays, parents have more options for finding babysitters and childcare professionals online. There’s a whole industry dedicated to making this process easier and faster. Moreover, these websites and apps offer a complete package to parents. Also, they can check customer reviews, referrals, and personal profiles of childcare professionals. The companies also do background checks on the babysitters and nannies, so parents don’t have to worry about that themselves. It gives parents more freedom and choices when they need a babysitter or help with childcare, unlike the times when grandparents or neighbors were the only options. is easy to use. You just need to enter your location, and it will show you available babysitters. Also, every babysitter on the site has a background check done. Moreover, they have personal profiles with photos, experience description, services offered, rates, and user reviews. is not only the best website for finding babysitters; it also helps you find tutors, adult and senior care, and housekeeping services. Also, with, you can quickly find the right person to help you with various needs, whether it’s for babysitting, tutoring, or taking care of adults and seniors, or even housekeeping.


Sittercity is a big babysitting app, featured in the New York Times and Good Morning America. It has millions of members and offers various child care services, including special needs care. Also, to find a sitter, you can post an ad with your requirements and schedule on the site. You can interview the applicants and run background checks to narrow down your search., like, also provides senior care and pet care services. Moreover, it’s a convenient platform to find the right babysitter or care services for your family, with a wide range of options to choose from.
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Urbansitter has over 150,000 caregivers and operates in 60 cities across the country. Each babysitter’s profile has a short video where they introduce themselves in 30-90 seconds. Moreover you can ask screening questions for them to answer when applying and read reviews from other parents in your area. Also, the best part is, on Urbansitter, the average booking time is just 3 minutes! It’s perfect for those last-minute babysitting needs. With so many caregivers to choose from and quick booking, Urbansitter makes finding a babysitter easy and convenient for parents in different cities. helps you find babysitters in your area quickly. Although they don’t do background checks themselves, they provide tools for parents to do one. Also, you can use suggestions like social security number trace and country criminal records check. Moreover, the platform also offers private ways to communicate with potential babysitters, like private text.’s TELESAFE system keeps your identity safe while you chat with others on the platform. With, you can easily connect with babysitters, have secure communication, and make sure you find the right person to take care of your kids.

Nanny Lane

Nanny Lane is a user-friendly nanny finding service with great security measures and extra features. While it may not have as many users as other sites, it makes up for it with safety measures. You can request a background check for any nanny you like, covering an SSN trace, sexual offender database, global watchlist, and both national and statewide criminal databases. Also, Nanny Lane also has a cool “share a nanny” program, where you can split the nanny’s cost with other families to save money. Moreover, with Nanny Lane, you can easily find a reliable nanny for your family, ensuring your child’s safety and your peace of mind.
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Zum has won awards from Fast Company for its innovative school transportation service. They work with over 4,000 schools, providing transportation for busy parents. Also, Zum helps with school drop-offs, picking up kids from practice, and taking them to extracurricular activities. Parents can use the app to see everything and talk to the driver anytime. Moreover, Zum is becoming more popular and is growing in size, but right now, it only serves areas near San Francisco. With Zum, parents can rely on a convenient and trustworthy transportation service for their children’s school needs. was created by parents to help others find last-minute babysitters easily. It’s perfect for temporary or urgent needs. You make a list of babysitters you like, and then send a message to all of them. The booking is accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. With, you can quickly find a babysitter when you’re in a hurry and don’t have time for a long-term search. It’s a simple and convenient way to book a babysitter on the go. Also, you get a lot of choices on the website. 

Au Pair in America

Au Pair in America started in 1986 and was the first of its kind recognized by the US Department of State. They have many years of experience in placing full-time au pairs from other countries with families in the United States. The company handles all the paperwork to find a full-time au pair for childcare and household tasks. Au Pair America has strict requirements for their au pairs, like having 200 hours of experience, a clean criminal record, and a valid license with a clean driving history. With Au Pair in America, you can trust that you’ll get a qualified and reliable au pair for your family’s needs. Also, you get a lot of options.

Sitting Around

SittingAround has a community-focused approach to childcare. They offer a “Babysitting Co-op” where parents take turns babysitting each other’s kids. Instead of paying with money, they trade childcare for child care. When you babysit, you earn points that you can use later when you need someone to watch your kids. Also, it’s a simple and friendly way to get help and give help within the community. With SittingAround, parents can support each other and have peace of mind, knowing their kids are in good hands. Also, you can choose your option as you like. 


Bubble is a free babysitting app that’s perfect for your last-minute or regular childcare needs. It’s like Uber for babysitters! You post when you need a sitter, check out recommended sitters and their rates, and choose the one you like. You can also rely on your friends’ recommendations to help you decide. With Bubble, finding a babysitter is easy and convenient. It’s a great way to get help when you need it for your little ones. Also, you get value for your money service. It is an incredible way to hire a babysitter.

Sitting Around is a babysitting website that works like a caregiver co-op. If you don’t have family nearby to watch your kids, this is a great alternative. Parents in the local community exchange childcare services without paying money. Moreover, instead, they trade time spent babysitting. Babysitting co-ops use points to keep things fair: you earn points when you sit for someone, and you spend points when others watch your kids. Also, since it’s a group, you don’t need to worry about finding specific people to sit for you; it all balances out. Find co-ops near you, fill out a request to join, and start swapping babysitting with other parents for free.

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This babysitting website helps you find nannies easily. Moreover, you can search for nannies and get vetting tips and tools like the Nanny Success Kit and background checks. It’s just like using a professional agency to hire a nanny. The site offers different types of nannies, like part-time, live-in, and college-educated nannies. Also, you can also find nannies specialized in infant care or who can help with housekeeping too. Once you join as a member, create a profile describing your family and what you need in a nanny. Then, review resumes from professional nannies and au pairs who are interested in various types of positions. It’s a simple way to find the perfect nanny for your family.

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