5 Facial Exercises to Effectively Define Your Jawline

Facial Exercises

Since time immemorial, people have always sought ways to improve their appearance. The face is the first feature that one notices in an individual. People associate facial fat with being chubby and more people are opting for techniques to reduce facial fat. A v shape face is considered attractive. It is associated with a sense of confidence, an aura of authority. As we grow older, our facial features tend to change due to losing skin elasticity.

A defined v jawline can be acquired through cosmetic procedures like botox injections or via simple facial exercises. Here are a few examples of facial exercises that have proven effective in reducing facial fat and achieving that perfect V-shape face.

Facial Exercises

Vowel Sound Exercises

The pronunciation vowel sounds, particularly the O and E sounds, involve many facial muscles. Experts advise exaggerating your facial expressions when articulating these two sounds. Repeat this exercise at least fifteen times per set. Do at least three complete sets of these reps at least once or twice a day.

Collar Bone Back-up

This exercise should be done when you are sitting or standing. Either way, ensure that your face is parallel to the ground. However, for the best results, experts advise you to sit and hold onto your knees. Move your head back and forth while ensuring that the rest of your upper body is immobile.

Move your head a distance of several inches. Do not be too hard on yourself, especially if you are a beginner, causing harm. Once you start the movements, you will start to feel the muscles on your throat, extend, and relax. Do this at least ten times per set. An average of three sets per day seems to be effective.

The Neck Curl-Up Exercise

This exercise is similar to the abdominal curl-up exercise. You should lie flat on the floor, press your tongue against the hard palate on the roof of your mouth and try to bring your chin as close as possible to your neck. Take your time while doing this exercise as it may strain the underdeveloped muscles of the neck. Start by doing about ten curl-ups per set each day. As you proceed, consider increasing the number of curl-ups per day.

The Chin-Up Exercise

This exercise targets at toning the facial muscles in the lower part of the face. When your mouth is closed, try to simultaneously move your jaw forward while also moving your lower lip upwards. You should be able to feel a stretch in the jawline area and under the chin. Hold this position for about 10 to fifteen seconds and relax. Repeat these three sets of at least ten reps each.

The Jawbone Restorer Exercise

This exercise aid in making your jawline more define and stronger. Place your thumbs below your chin side by side and try to push your jaw upwards. At the same time, move your chin downwards to resist the force from the thumbs. To enhance this exercise, slide your thumbs along the jawline towards your neck.

Conclusively, facial exercise plays a role in maintaining strong facial features. To supplement this, experts advise on having healthy eating habits and exercising.