Find Out About Joel Osteen House, Net Worth, Wife, & More

Joel Osteen house

Joel Osteen, the American Televangelist has become quite famous after purchasing a massive house. So, if you want to know about Joel Osteen house, like why he chose to purchase such a big mansion, and how much it cost him, then you are at the right place. Furthermore, you will also get some details about his life here.

So, as we already know, Joel Osteen is a popular Televangelist and also the Senior Pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. In addition, he’s also a husband and the father of two children. Furthermore, he is also the author of a lot of books.

Seven of those books have become New York Times Best Sellers. Moreover, his telesermons have also captured more than 7 million audiences per week. Around 20 million people watch his sermons every month as well.

On this note, you may like to know that his sermons are quite inspirational. If you want to listen to those sermons, then you can tune it to Sirius XM satellite radio. But despite his presence as an author and evangelist, it’s true that he has become famous for his house.

So, what’s Joel Osteen house like? If you have such questions, then you will find the answers here. Go through this article and get all the info about his house and also the other facts about his life.

A Short Bio On Joel Osteen

According to the sources, he was born in the year 1998, on 5th March. So, his father John Osteen was the founder of Lakewood Church and also the former southern baptist pastor.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that Joel finished his high school studies in Humble, in 1981. Thereafter, he went to Roberts University, Tulsa, to study radio and telecommunications.

However, he didn’t continue that and decided to drop out in 1982. Then, he focused on his father’s sermons and that’s how he earned his fame and fortune.

A Quick Wikis/ Bio Review

Name Joel Osteen
Real Name Joel Scott Osteen
Nick Name
American pastor, televangelist and author
Birth Year March 5, 1963
How old is? 59 years (as of Aug 2022)
How tall is Sage 1.72 m (in feet inches- 6′ 0″)
Church Lakewood Church
Birthplace (Native) Houston, TX
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Education Oral Roberts University, Humble High School
Victoria Osteen (m. 1987)
Net Worth  $100 Million
Parents John Osteen, Dodie Osteen
Siblings Paul Osteen, April Osteen Simons, Lisa Osteen, Justin Osteen, Tamara Osteen
Children Jonathan Osteen, Alexandra Osteen

His Career

So, before we move on to discussing Joel Osteen house, let’s take a look at his illustrious career. As we said earlier, he is a televangelist, a pastor, and someone who preaches sermons. Millions of people listen to his sermons and find inner peace.

In fact, Joel himself has described his style of preaching as that which focuses on God’s goodness. Furthermore, he also advocates the power of love and a positive attitude. In addition, he is also an author and has written over 35 books. Your Best Life Now, 7 Steps To Living At Your Full Potential, etc are some of the examples.

Joel’s Personal Life

If you want to know about Joel Osteen house, then let’s talk about his family first. So, the sources tell that Joel Osteen tied knots with Victoria Osteen in the year 1987. Currently, they share two children together, son Jonathan, and daughter Alexandra. Victoria, Joel’s wife too is a famous author and also the co-founder of Lakewood’s Women Ministry.

Where Does The Osteen Family Live?

Needless to say but Joel Osteen is one of the richest Pastors living in the US as of now. So, without a doubt, he has a lot of fortune. It’s even apparent from just a look at Joel Osteen house. Moreover, Joel himself said in one of his sermons, “It’s God’s will for you to live in prosperity instead of poverty” and he exactly does that himself.

Joel Osteen’s house is in Houston’s wealthy suburb River Oaks. It’s worth noting that the house cost him around 10.5 million USD. In addition to this huge mansion, Joel and his wife also own a 2.9 million USD worth of mansion in Tanglewood, Houston.

However, it’s true that their property at the River Oaks has lots of unique and luxurious features. For instance, it has six bedrooms, bathrooms, 5 open wood fireplaces, 1 bedroom guest house, pool, a pool house, and also 3 elevators.

In addition, there’s also a huge front door that goes remarkably well with the stone pillars. It’s the gorgeous entryway for sure. Furthermore, Joel’s house also has a massive backyard surrounded by tall green trees that attribute a cozy feeling.

Last but not least, it’s a massive house that Joel Osteen owns. In other words, the house is around 17k sqft and occupies 1.86 acres. It’s also secluded by a fine ornamental fence. Of course, it’s more like a mansion than a house and only four people live there.

Joel Osteen Net Worth

From the description of Joel Osteen house itself, we can say that he has a massive fortune. As of now, he enjoys a net worth of 100 million USD.

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