How to Score 100 in Class 12 English

English Subject

The English subject is one of the most important subjects for the students of 12th standard. Irrespective of the streams (Science, Commerce or Humanities) a student belongs from, everyone has to appear for the examination. In order to score well in Class 12 English, students must improve their cognitive skills along with their last minute revision.   

The syllabus for class 12th CBSE English examination is divided into three sections, which includes reading comprehension, writing skills and literature. This adds up to be 80 marks, whereas the other 20 marks are allotted for the internal assessment. A total of 3 hours is allowed to appear for the written test. 

Thus to score a 100 in Class 12 English examination, students must prepare well for the examination and also he/she should follow the NCERT curriculum which includes the NCERT Class 12 Flamingo English Book PDF, for better grasping of the topics included in the chapters. Also, there are some strategies which are mentioned as they are found to be effective in helping a student prepare and perform better.

The habit of reading is found to be very crucial for scoring better marks in English. This habit helps a student to read and comprehend the unseen passages in a short duration of time. Reading through the chapters will help one to harness the skill of gathering information and will also help them to assess it in a short duration, apart from increasing their reading speed. During the exam hours, it is often advised to go through the questions prior to reading the unseen passage as it will help to find the answers to the respective3 questions more easily.   

  • Improving writing-skill and maintaining a track of time:

The CBSE class 12 English examination paper involves many essays as well as formal and informal letters, reports, posters, or notices. Thus, it is necessary to revise the formats of each one very well while keeping a track of the time. Also, keeping the word-limit under consideration is also necessary. 

  • Boosting the skill of Critical Thinking:

The skill of critical-thinking is a cognitive skill which is essential for scoring well in the literature section of the CBSE class 12 English examination. If this particular skill is harnessed properly, it will be a lifelong asset for each one the student. When going through a prose or a poem, it is advised to the students that they try to develop a parallel text inside their head. It is often necessary to try to look at the texts through a collection of thoughts.

  • Must be well aware of grammar:

The students must emphasize on improving their grammar, as it will surely help in achieving better framing of the answers. Often, grammatical mistakes committed by the student tend to risk their chances of scoring marks as the answer seems to be lifeless to the examiners. Hence, it is better to refer to grammar books from the previous classes and get better knowledge of them.

  • Regular revisions:

Intermittent revisions are often necessary regarding the poems and proses, as they are complicated to break down. A student must take the guidance of their English teacher to critically analyze the chapters, and prepare well detailed notes on each of them. 

Apart from thus, students can also consult any online teaching medium to clear their doubts easily.

  • Solving the papers from the previous years and also the sample papers:

This is often the golden rule for each and every paper. It is a smart step to solve each paper from the past years while keeping track of time.  This exercise will not only help a student to be a good time-manager, but will also enable him/her to identify the area of their weakness. Thus, with practice they can focus on these areas and can improve their performance with regular practice.

The above mentioned strategies were intended to be followed prior to the arrival of the examination, which would help a student perform better and score excellent. 

Apart from these, there are also certain points which are to be kept in mind during the examination time at the exam hall. Some of them are:

  1. Follow the weightage of each question, and allot the time accordingly.
  2. Write down the answers of each question with neat and clean handwriting, and also draw margins on each page.
  3. Underline the main points which are essential for each answer.
  4. It is necessary to make sure that the answers are numbered correctly according to their respective question provided in the paper. During the board examination, it is a smart strategy to maintain the correct sequence of attempting the questions as included in each section of the paper.
  5. Proper spacing must be maintained and the size of the letters should be quite large enough to read properly. A small mistake can lead to deduction of marks.  
  6. Also, grammar plays an important role in English and must be properly maintained while writing the answers.
  7. It is better to ensure the quality of words used while answering the questions.
  8. It is advised not to break sentences, as it clearly highlights a student’s weakness in grammar.
  9. Quality must be maintained in the long answers, i.e. the answer should be to the point and must not be about a particular topic.

Therefore, a student can score up to 100 in their class 12th English examination if they apply these strategies and also take a clear note of the certain rules while appearing for the examination.

 Also, apart from the main literature textbooks, the students are provided with a novel issued for the particular standard. the questions which are given from the novel are not very much likely to be repeated. Thus, a student must clearly go through the novel and analyze the plot and the summary which it intends to deliver. It is important that the student is well aware of the character sketches of the personalities in the novel, as questions are given regarding them.

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