Top Private Schools in Singapore


Singapore has plenty of accredited private schools that are renowned for offering high-quality education. So, if you’re a parent in Singapore and are looking to offer your child quality education, there are many private schools in the country that you can choose from.

Top Private Schools in Singapore

This article is intended to help you find the leading private schools in Singapore that have demonstrated on many occasions that they’ve what it takes to provide the best kind of education to learners of all ages in the country.

So, without any fuss, here is the list of private schools in Singapore.

This premier school is known for the provision of American education to its students. It’s popular for transforming every learner to the best version of himself/herself via top education.

On top of that, this school employs some of the most seasoned and motivating tutors to see every learner grow academically and holistically.

Furthermore, taking your child to Singapore American School will also boost their prospects of getting admissions into some of the island’s premier universities.

  • Zhicheng Private School

This school is famous for having qualified and professional faculty members and providing quality education in the country.

Zhicheng is also renowned for its excellent passing rate in meeting exam qualifications on the island. Besides, it gives learners a detailed course on the English language to assist them in preparing for various qualifying exams.

  • Invictus International School

Invictus school is one of the private schools in Singapore with several branches within and outside the country.

This international school’s objective is to develop learners academically, socially, and holistically, molding them to better nationals of the country.

Additionally, this school recruits some of the top and veteran educators on the island who strive to ensure every learner succeeds inside and outside the classroom.

  • M.A.D School

Set up in 2003, M.A.D School is the ideal institution for those seeking to specialize in digital marketing. By enrolling at this institution, you’ll get to learn more and perfect your skills under the meticulous guidance of the best marketing adepts from popular brands.

This institution uses a hands-on training approach to ensure every learner gets the best quality education. Aside from that, M.A.D School offers project-centered programs to help individual learners successfully acquire the skills required to flourish in the industry.

  • GEMS World Academy

This school is regarded as one of the country’s premier private schools and admits children aged 2-19. It’s famous for its devotion to transforming students emotionally, academically, socially, and mentally via its wide variety of courses.

Moreover, GEMS World Academy stands out as the first and only private school on the island permitted to administer all the International Baccalaureate, allowing it to offer learners a comprehensive education that entails design, sports, music, and even arts.

  • Nurture Pods

This is an organization that majors in rendering individualized care for children with special needs. In addition to scheduling classes in the institution, they provide home-based services as well.

Top Private Schools in SingaporeNature Pod’s objective is to assist children in realizing their potential. With facts-centered practices, Nurture Pod creates effective, holistic, and well-rounded programs for your kid.

By taking your child to Nurture Pod, you can rest confidently knowing that your child is in a safe and capable pair of hands.

The above list outlines some of the best private schools in Singapore that you can check out to establish the ideal institution for your child.

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