Todd Chrisley Julie Chrisley Tax Evasion Case & The Reaction Of The Family

Todd Chrisley Julie Chrisley
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Well, due to a lot of reasons, things aren’t looking good for Todd Chrisley Julie Chrisley. So, as you know, the authorities found them guilty of committing tax fraud in their 30 million USD lawsuit. Moreover, it’s also true that the duo is now vocal about the outcome. 

According to Todd, it was a whirling affair for him, as the circumstances compelled him to break his silence finally on 17th June 2022. So, in one of his podcast episodes, he mentioned, “Lot of moving parts, lot of things going on in our lives and a lot of seeing God’s movements right now.”

If you want to know more about Todd and Julie Chrisley story, then you are at the right place. Here we will tell you everything that you need to know about their life. So, now’s the time to go through this article and find out all that you need to know about the duo. 

An Overview On The Whole Case Of Chrisley

An Overview On The Whole Case Of Chrisley
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So, according to the reports, the reality TV couple, Todd Chrisley Julie Chrisley, tied the knot back in 1996. Well, due to reasons, the authorities indicted them in 2019 on 12 counts of tax evasion, bank fraud, and wire fraud conspiracy. What’s more interesting is that they fervently denied all these charges. However, after a trial in the month of March this year, the jury has found the duo guilty on all the counts. 

A source exclusive also mentioned that the future planning in Todd Chrisley Julie Chrisley is on pause right now, until we hear the sentencing first. So, it’s also a matter of concern about the future of the show, Chrisley Knows Best, and all the other projects. 

Well, a source has also given us a Todd and Julie Chrisley update 2022. The jury will now provide a sentence on the 21st of November this year. The 53-year-old Todd and 49-year-old Julie now face doom looming large in front of them. So, as we mentioned earlier, the federal jury found the duo guilty of conspiracy to commit bank and wire fraud, and also there are tax fraud charges against him. 

What Does The Family Have To Say?

What Does The Family Have To Say?
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Now that we know about the whole story of Julie and Todd Chrisley, it’s time to find out what the family members have to say about this whole affair. Todd has his daughter Lindsie and son Kyle with his ex-wife Teresa. He has mentioned how the kid feels about this as well. According to him, the kids were doing quite well, as best as they can. Moreover, he also added that there are lots of tears and heartaches, and sorrow. During his Chrisley Confessions podcast, he also mentioned, “We’ve got to walk the walk and do whatever we have to do.”

The reports also tell us that the entire family of the Chrisleys is devastated. “It’s horrible news and they were not expecting to be found guilty. Their whole life changed at that moment.” 

However, they want to stand firm despite the whirlwind of a situation that has grabbed them. On this note, Todd Julie Chrisley also mentioned that they are going to continue to do the Chrisley Confessions for as long as they can, and then Chase and Savanna can take it over. 

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  • Who Are Todd And Julie Chrisley?

They are reality TV stars, real estate moguls, and also the stars of ‘Chrisley Knows Best’. 

  • How Did Todd And Julie Chrisley Meet?

During an interview with the media, Todd mentioned that the duo met each other at their friend’s house. He said, “That’s the first night that I met her”.

  • How Many Kids Do Todd And Julie Chrisley Have?

The duo has three kids together, Savannah, Chase, and Lindsie.

  • How Many Kids Does Todd And Julie Chrisley Have?

3 kids. 

  • Where Does Todd And Julie Chrisley Live?

They live in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

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