Expert-curated Furniture Designs For A Modern Home

Furniture Designs

Contemporary and modern furniture designs are the go-to styles for most interior designers in today’s day and age. The patterns have evolved a lot from the olden times wherein the rustic vibes were prevalent. Open brick walls, uneven stones for flooring, improper tile designs, etc were what made the house stand out. Contemporary furniture, in the lingo today, exhibits minimalistic styles, spaced-out items in a room, neutral tones, elimination of unwanted and over-the-top detailing, dealing with monochromes, etc. 

At times, people would prefer to have a mix of modern and classic. For example, they would like to keep certain elements, like the dining table, minimalistic, subtle, and modern but some other items in the same room old-school or vice versa. Whether it is the bedroom or the living room, here are a few pieces of furniture that would fit into the ‘classy and modern’ style you are looking for. 

Bedroom: The aspects of this room are usually very personal to the occupants of the room. Each person would like to have their identities reflected in the décor so they can feel even more at home. If it is a kids’ bedroom, you can find beds with a modern look. If it is the master bedroom, you would probably be looking for a king-size bed

  • Baltoro High Gloss: This large bed has a white finish that would fit perfectly with the modern look and feel as it goes with the monochromatic feel. It has a great storage capacity under the mattress so it would be an effective purchase
  • Stanhope Upholstered Bed: If you are a lover of darker shades, this would be hard to miss. With a perfect charcoal-colored headrest and finish, this bed has drawers to its side for any extra bed sheets that need to be stored.
  • Florence Bed: Another underrated but beautiful piece that resembles modern furniture is this bed with a classic Teak finish. It has a monochromatic feel and therefore, is a mix of both, rustic and modern styles. 

Dining room: The options for dining tables are several- the purchase would primarily depend on the number of people in the house. You could opt for a classic wooden feel or a modern look for the room. 

  • Caribu Extendable Set: Go for a classic white finish for the table and its chairs as a set for your contemporary room look and feel. This table is made in a manner that it extends to seat more people in case necessary.
  • Taarkashi 6-seater Set: If the existing ambiance of the room is dark, this would be a good piece to have. The deep brown wood finish along with the dark color of the cushions make the setting of the room beautiful and aesthetic to look at. 
  • You can even find 8-seater options if that is what you are looking for. Contrarily, 2–3-seater options are also available at affordable prices on the website. 

Here, you can find a plethora of different types of furniture and the variety of styles that they are made in. Choose what you think would look best in your house and would complement your taste and style.

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