How Successfully Develop Blog on YouTube and find an Investor for Startup

Develop Your Blog

Many people start developing their brand on social media, and use the internet as a platform for reaching and communicating with their potential investors. There are many reasons to do that, and one of the prominent ones is that social networks can give you exclusive visibility – so you can impress more people, and your potential corporate partners can be among them. Although YouTube may not be your first choice, it is a social network with huge potential that can help you to expose your ideas and products and help you find new investments. Here are some tips that will help you to develop your blog on YouTube and attract more viewers to your profile. 

Buying Stats – For Good?

One of the most controversial questions that come to mind when thinking of quick and effective promotion on YouTube is if you should buy social media metrics for your growth. This is a greyzone of promotion, since officially it is still considered illegal. But, modern services that provide stats for YouTube and other networks are offering a completely fresh approach. Today, you can select the number of cheap YouTube views on site and get a bunch of real viewers watching your videos and increasing your stats. 

Paid services allow you to make a process of growth faster and more effective. But you must concentrate on organic reach, because for your purposes as a brand – having big numbers is not enough. You need to increase activity and real sales too – and that is the one thing that paid stats cannot get you. 

Vary Your Content

To make sure that you have presented your idea entirely, it will be best to produce different videos that may engage your target audience. The most popular and effective forms of video content on YouTube are:

  • Product presentation. In other words it is a high quality ads, that showcases your product. 
  • Tutorials and education. Here you can explain how to use your product or share insights and opinions that are related to your industry in general. 
  • Lists. This is a sort of entertaining/educational content that easily engages many people and helps you to show yourself as a trustworthy expert in your niche, improving your reputation beyond YouTube as well. 
  • Interviewing. Having a discussion with a known person from your industry or YouTube celebrity is a great idea for increasing your reach and recognition, and expanding your audience.

Increase The Interest In Your Product

One of the factors that can trigger the interest of your potential investors is the popularity of your ideas and products among the target group. And YouTube can come in hand with that task. By creating a loyal community from your product users and brand fans you can show your credibility to investors and illustrate the real interest in your items. Your job is to generate lots of traffic and engagement on your social media profiles and show how popular your production can be and how much money it can be worth. 

Optimize Your Videos

Your visibility and discoverability on the platform have a huge impact on your progress. The whole ranking and search system on YouTube is based on keywords, so to nail it, you have to do a thorough research in this area. Particularly, your main focus here are video titles and descriptions, which can hold a big amount of keywords. Also, you should add closed captions to your videos, so it not only increases the number of keywords in your post, but also expands your audience. 

Do a small research on keywords prior to uploading your video. Simply start typing relevant words in a search bar (try both YouTube and Google search) to see which content appears first after entering these. Compare the results to your content and then alter your keyword list if necessary. The goal is to match the best compilation of words that will drive the target group to you. 

Another effective method is to build your video around a certain keyword, infusing the content with as many related terms as possible. 

Create Connections 

Communication is vital to achieve success on social media, and there is a huge possibility that among your followers can be someone ready to invest in your business. And it’s important that you reach out first and make offers that are hard to resist. Be open to your audience and declare that you are looking for partnerships and aid in your business growth. Being sincere and honest about your brand progress helps you to build a more loyal relationship with your potential buyers. You should also feel free to look for and reach out to other companies and celebrities who are possibly interested in your brand. And as social media communication is less formal, you can keep it light and easy to connect with other people, leaving all the bureaucracy behind and creating stronger bonds. 

Work On Creating A Complete Public Image

Branding increases your professionalism and helps to maintain your public image and brand awareness. These factors are significant for your work with the audience and attracting investors as well. People in business like to see a complete picture that exposes the idea at the most. So, create a consistent branding that represents your product and helps to recognize your items among others of the same niche. Channel branding makes your profile look as the one that is worth attention and the one that is easy to reach out to. 

You should always provide a channel trailer for the same purpose. In this short video that appears on the main page of your profile, you have to explain why people, and investors too, have to choose your brand over others. 

Integrate The Channel Everywhere

Make YouTube an essential part of your brand and put it everywhere you can. This way you will increase the popularity of your channel and secure a more stable flow of views, likes and other important stats. This way you can also improve your visibility on the platform and become more discover able for your investors. First of all you should integrate your YouTube channel on your website as an essential part of your item description. For example if you sell shoes then on every page of your site with your shoes there has to be a video that shows users how your shoes look on a human, using catwalk or what is the material quality and flexibility. Same goes practically for an industry and any possible item that you can find on the Internet so you must focus on exposing your items at the best. 


To make yourself discover able on YouTube and help investors find you easily and quickly enough to beat the competition you have to put many effort in your channel creation. First of all focus on your variety and release different videos for different occasions using Evergreen topics and create a unique and I’ll send contents it will also show exclusivity of your brand. Find unique features that will make your business stand out among others and make it attractive for potential investors. Of course technical features have to be improved as well as work on your SEO and make your videos searchable for your buyers and business partners.