Business Survival Guidelines During The Pandemic – Eric Dalius Shares His Views

Eric Dalius

Currently, the economy is gradually moving to a better place because offices and businesses have resumed their operations. The COVID-19 pandemic had resulted in massive lockdowns and company shutdowns temporarily. In between, there were job losses and pay cuts as well. The factories that shut down and reopening as well, however, we are still not over the pandemic curve. Business houses and corporations need to exercise caution and security protocols to stay safe and carry on with their work. However, businesses need to pick up the pace and operate to make the best of the situation.

Almost every business got a shock and are still recovering from it. Hence, according to Eric Dalius, companies need to plan their moves carefully in the coming days and months. It is necessary to compensate for the loss and make sales, but it is equally important to survive and keep floating. Here are a few strategies that business owners can count on:

One of the best ways to add more value to your customers is to improve your customer service. Ensure that your target customers get all business and product-related news when they get in touch with your company. It will help them to arrive at a buying decision faster. If you are offering any discounts or freebies, the customer care team must update the customers through mobile marketing services. It will help the customers to stay updated with what a company has to offer. Eric J Dalius says that if your company is undergoing any functional changes, the customer care team must know about it.

  • Keep your stores clean

If you have a physical store, shop, or retail outlet, you must keep it clean and sanitized. If you expect customers to land up in your store to buy new products, you must maintain a clean ambiance and utmost security. Keep sanitizer and devices to check the body temperature.

  • Say no to an aggressive marketing strategy

It’s not the time to go after customers and chase them for more sales. During this pandemic phase, it is essential to selling the optimum amount required to ensure a business flow. Your business should stay afloat against pursuing aggressive marketing strategies that can make your customers move away instead of buying from your brand.

  • Choose email marketing 

It is the correct time to opt-in for online marketing services. Take time to invest in email marketing initiatives. EJ Dalius says that currently, people are browsing through the internet more than ever. Hence, they will have the time to go through the email you send them and read through the marketing message. There are chances that they will respond to an email more than business cold calls.  

It is essential to be sensitive about how you survive during this pandemic phase. You need to understand the audience’s sensitivity. It will help you to develop the best business survival strategy.