How to Use TikTok’s Creative Center to Find Hot Dropshipping Products and Analyze Ad Performance

TikTok's Creative Center


  • Overview of using TikTok Creative Center for dropshipping product research

Accessing Creative Center

  • Go to

Finding Dropshipping Ads

  • Don’t filter by country or industry
  • Use “take my money” keyword to find dropshipping ads
  • Scroll through results to find potential products

Analyzing Ad Performance

  • Check likes, comments, shares for last 7, 30, and 180 days
  • Low recent engagement signals ad not running anymore
  • High past engagement shows ad worked previously
  • Use this to gauge if product is still being actively promoted

Downloading Ad Videos

  • Right click on video and inspect
  • Go to Network tab and click on Media
  • Play video and new video link will appear
  • Right click and save or open in new tab to download


  • Summary of using Creative Center to research products and analyze ad performance to optimize your own campaigns


In this comprehensive guide, I’ll show you how to leverage TikTok’s Creative Center to conduct dropshipping product research and analyze ad performance.

With Creative Center’s ad library, you can identify winning dropshipping products being actively promoted. You can also gauge the performance of ads to determine if a product is still successful for advertisers.

Let’s dive in and cover how to access Creative Center, search for dropshipping ads, download videos, and analyze ad metrics to find hot products to sell.

Accessing Creative Center

First, go to TikTok’s Creative Center at the URL I’ll link this below as well.

This brings up the Creative Center dashboard. We’ll specifically be using the Top Ads section for dropshipping product research.

Finding Dropshipping Ads

Under Top Ads, don’t filter by country when searching. Removing location filters gives you more results and fresh products.

Avoid filtering by industry/category too. Dropshipping products can be improperly categorized. Cast a wide net when searching.

Use the keyword “take my money” to display only dropshipping product ads. This surfaces overlooked products.

Scroll through the results and watch videos to identify potential winning products to sell yourself. Look for engaging videos showcasing fun, creative products.

Analyzing Ad Performance

To determine if an ad is still active and successful, check its likes, comments, and shares. Change the time period from the last 7 days out to 30 and 180 days.

Low engagement for the past 7 days signals the ad is likely not running anymore and the product is saturated.

However, high engagement over 30 and 180 days shows the ad was previously successful. This means the product is now likely saturated.

Use this time period analysis to gauge if a dropshipping product is still being actively promoted at a high level by advertisers.

Downloading Ad Videos

You can download ad videos from Creative Center to potentially reuse for your own campaigns.

Right click on the video player and inspect. Go to the Network tab and click on Media.

Play the video, and a new link ending in .mp4 will populate. Right click to save or open in a new tab.

Some videos are unbranded and reusable without copyright issues. You can also make minor edits to reupload.


In summary, TikTok’s Creative Center provides valuable dropshipping product research and ad analysis capabilities.

Use it to identify winning products and evaluate ad performance over time. This helps determine if a product is actively being promoted at a high level still.

Apply these insights to find undiscovered products and replicate successful ads for your own dropshipping business.


Q: What is TikTok’s Creative Center used for?

A: Creative Center allows you to access TikTok’s ad library to search and analyze top ads and products. It provides insights to help optimize your own campaigns.

Q: How do you filter Creative Center to show only dropshipping ads?

A: Use targeted keywords like “take my money” to surface dropshipping product ads. Do not filter by country or industry so you see more results.

Q: What is the benefit of checking ad performance over different time periods?

A: Comparing likes, comments, and shares over 7, 30, and 180 days shows if an ad is still active. High past engagement but low recent engagement indicates a saturated product.

Q: Is it legal to reuse TikTok video ads from Creative Center?

A: Some videos are unbranded and reusable or can be edited slightly to legally reuse. But always exercise caution when repurposing content.

Q: What makes a product a good choice for dropshipping based on Creative Center data?

A: A product displaying high engagement over recent 30 and 180 day periods indicates it is still actively promoted and not saturated. New, fresh products are best to dropship.

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