The Pros and Cons of Modular Kitchens

Modular Kitchens

In the past couple of years, modular kitchens have gained a lot of popularity. The chances are that you are also one of the people trying to decide whether modular kitchens are right for you or not. As with every kitchen type, there are pros and cons to keep in mind, so make an informed decision.

The Advantages

If you are still on the fence when it comes to modular kitchens, here are a couple of advantages that might turn the tables in their favor:

  • They Are Easier to Assemble or Move

The main advantage of modular kitchens is that they can easily be assembled and disassembled whenever you need. This makes it a very convenient choice for those who are moving a loot (i.e., those living with rent).

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“Unlike a lot of local millwork cabinetry it’s a modular kitchen, so you can add or subtract to your kitchen throughout your life. It’s meant to be taken apart and put together. We have a display that travels with us that’s been taken apart and reassembled 27 times, and it looks the same as the day it arrived,” says the CEO of Leicht Vancouver, Maxim Gotsutsov.

  • They Are Stylish and Sleek

When it comes to the visuals, modular kitchen cabinets know exactly what spot to hit. They come in a variety of models that you may choose based on your preferences. Modular cabinets often focus on a contemporary style with clean lines, making them the perfect choice for today’s city goer.

At the same time, you have a variety of colors, finishes, and textures to choose from, which means that your design choices are not limited – not in the slightest.

  • They Were Designed Ergonomically

A modular kitchen is designed by a professional in the field to makeit as practical as possible. With a modular kitchen, you can be certain that your countertop or cabinets are adjusted accordingly to your space, and that the work triangle in the kitchen is positioned just in the right spot.

A modular kitchen was designed to help you save time, as it promotes good utility and efficiency of the space that you have available.

  • They Are More Affordable to Maintain or Update

With regular kitchens, when you need to replace one part, you are usually forced into replacing the rest of the kitchen as well. This often applies to kitchens where the appliances are built into the cabinetry. With modular cabinets, this isn’t a concern.

“In a modular kitchen, benches and appliances are separate. You can pull an oven out easily and change over regardless of brand. It’s not stuck into the building, or fixed to the cabinetry,” says Commercial Kitchen Design owner, Michael Jones.

The Disadvantages

There are indeed several great perks of using a modular kitchen. However, there are certain drawbacks that you might want to keep in mind. Under some circumstances, modular kitchens might not be a good choice for you. This is why:

  • They Can Be Expensive

Modular kitchens, especially the types with a high-end finish, can be pretty expensive. Since they are also very often custom-made and have more cabinets, they tend to use more material and require more work to build. For this reason, their price tag can go pretty high.

  • They Have High Maintenance

A modular kitchen can be quite attractive, but it is also high maintenance. You will have more cabinets to clean, which can be fairly time-consuming if you go for glossy finishes. A matte design can be easier to clean, but you will still have to put in some effort if you want your kitchen to always look as good as new.

  • Their Design May Not Be Unique

A modular kitchen may look sleek and clean, but it usually doesn’t have any patterns on it. Contemporary designs go with the same design theme, without any special additions, especially if you go for a standard finish. Your kitchen might look great but may not look any different than your neighbor’s.

The Bottom Line

Like every kitchen type, modular kitchens have their pros and cons. It’s up to you to decide what’s more important to you. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages and see if this style is worth it for you.