Designing a Homepage: The Essentials

E-commerce Web Design Agency

Pearl Lemon Web an E-commerce web design agency in London, brings to you the essentials for a homepage that converts. 

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to design an eCommerce website. In the absence of the right elements, though, building a rocket can become a nightmare.

Despite widely varying designs in different industries, there are some features that need to be consistent.

The following are the essential elements your homepage must have no matter what if you want to increase conversions.

1. Useful theme

Amazon’s homepage and The Guardians’ homepage are very different. On one side, you can see what’s hot in different product categories while on the other, you can see what’s breaking in the world.

There’s no point in reading the news if you’re on Amazon. The point is to shop. You’re not exactly looking for deals if you’re on The Guardian site.

2. A strong brand identity

First thing that comes to mind when hearing “an old man with glasses” is “what? ”

Most likely KFC, right? That’s not a coincidence. There are some very large companies in the world that spend billions of dollars promoting their brands and increasing their recognition.

While you cannot afford Fortune 500 marketing budgets, you can still improve your website’s brand recognition.

A professionally designed logo reflects your brand identity, and that is the first step towards achieving it.

For example, if you want to boost your identity and stand out from similar brands, choosing the right color palette is crucial. You need more than a logo on your homepage to begin your online presence.

You should use the same design for all your marketing materials when you come up with a great design.

3. Clear objectives

Your business goals should directly influence the design of your eCommerce homepage.

Are you aiming to direct visitors to a specific action when they arrive at your homepage? A newsletter subscription, perhaps? Providing contact information?

For your visitors to become loyal customers, it is essential to define your goals.

Visitor’s can easily start a free trial (almost too easily!) on the homepage. Visitors are inspired to take action by a prominent CTA, pleasing colors, and compelling images.

Think about how you can implement a design that facilitates your eCommerce web goals if you want your eCommerce website design to convert more.

4. Details of how to reach you

The trustworthiness of a business is important to visitors.

A contact information form can help to eliminate any uncertainty. 

To let them know you are reachable, display your business address, email, and phone number.

Your audience will feel more confident about your business if you provide a line of communication with them. Also, if a problem arises, you will be able to contact them with ease if your communication form stands out.

A representative is always available to help customers.

It is important that you be available during the specified times in order to be effective.

Try to respond to sales inquiries as soon as possible, since nearly two-thirds of buyers expect to hear back within 10 minutes.

The bane of any eCommerce store is a bad customer service department. 

5. Social networking sites links

It is hard to ignore social media marketing thanks to its estimated 3.72 billion active users.

Almost half of the population is represented there! The majority of potential shoppers use social media as a way to stay connected with their friends and follow their favorite brands.

The average user also spends 74 minutes a day on social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

This form of communication increases customer loyalty and establishes meaningful relationships.