A Day-Out With Family To Imagica

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India’s tenacious and driven work culture makes sure one is never away from stress! A few days back, the stress bug caught me as well! I felt trapped in a mundane robotic life when I decided to have a break with my family. As I didn’t have many leaves, we decided to visit Imagica for a day. 

Imagica is the most lively and fun-themed entertainment destination for the uninitiated, located in Khopoli, near Mumbai. Imagica is full of exciting rides and fun activities! After booking a cab from a top-rated car rental app, it took us around two hours to reach Imagica from Pune.

What does Imagica offer?

Imagica is undoubtedly regarded as a miniature Disneyland, and spending a day immersed in the world of imagination is fun! We reached Imagica at around 11 in the morning and left around 9 at night! The place is full of adventurous rides such as Alibaba Aur Chalis Chor, Chota Bheem-the ride, Cinema 360, etc. Imagica also houses a water park to cool off in the heat, a snow park if you feel like playing in the snow, and a ghost ride to correct the creepy feelings. It won’t be wrong to say that the theme park has something for everyone! 

Unlike other amusement parks, the excitement does not cease at nightfall; instead, it begins with a dazzling laser and light show that is especially enticing for children. What sets Imagica apart from other theme parks is that it has a restaurant to satiate your taste buds as well as a hotel where you can stay for the night. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay for the night as I had to go to work the next morning. 

Some of the amazing rides at Imagica Car Rental

  • I for India

India’s breathtaking views have never been more magnificent! They will soar you like a bird over the breathtaking scenery; so hold on tight as the trip takes you to new heights. This breathtaking film was shot from a helicopter and is projected onto a 90-foot-wide screen. 

  • Salimgarh

Salimgarh is Imagica’s scary house. It has it all: dungeons, torture chambers, and a princess imprisoned till eternity. It is good fun for kids!

  • Nitro-roller coaster

Nitro is India’s largest and most thrilling roller coaster. Nitro, which stands at 132 feet tall and has a track length of almost 2800 feet, gives an adrenaline rush for the 150 seconds of sheer exhilaration! It travels through five thrilling loops and inversions. I couldn’t try this one as I fear heights, but it seems good fun otherwise. 

  • Bump it boats

It is a water version of bumping cars. We chose our very cool motorised raft and strapped in. We chose our target, raced our raft toward them, and then bumped!

  • Ali Baba Aur Chalis Chor

This ride has got to be my favourite! Imagine, The Sultan is in severe danger, and the future of Gulabad’s empire is now in your hands. Forty robbers have broken through the city walls, posing a threat to the city’s valuables. It is up to you to keep the kingdom’s pride. I felt as if I was in a video game as soon as I boarded my car. I grabbed the laser guns and went after the goons as if it was all real! The more crooks you shoot, the better.

One day at Imagica was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me and my family. We went back using the same Pune car rental service and enjoyed the day to the fullest! I would highly recommend Imagica Car Rental to people living in Mumbai and Pune for a day out or on a stay-cation.

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