A Guide to Buying Jewelry For Your Wedding

Jewelry For Your Wedding

It is your special day, and frankly, it has to be as close to perfect as possible. That doesn’t necessarily mean splashing the cash and spending over your means, but it does mean a great deal of planning and preparation as well as a fair amount of managing expectations, both your own and those who are attending. 

When it comes to the overall look and theme of your wedding, be it a small intimate affair or a full-blown extravaganza, you’ll want some consistency, especially when it comes to the style palette you will be adopted throughout the day.

Here are some tips that we feel may be of assistance to those who are nearing their wedding day. We won’t touch on the wedding ring specifically as this is very much a personal choice and one you may well have already lined up for some time now.

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Feeling at Ease

While the dress you’ll be wearing for the key portion of the day and evening is something that’s hugely important, it’s still an item that you won’t be used to wearing, and there is always a certain amount of discomfort (physical or mental) that comes with the wedding dress.

One good way to counterbalance that is to wear an item or two of jewelry that you are used to, something that means a great deal but may not have been specially brought in for the big day.

An additional twist on this comes from the old wedding rhyme ‘something borrowed,’ which could be used as the basis of a familiar piece of jewelry from within the family, something that helps ground you and calm your nerves.


A great wedding sometimes comes in the small details, the additional aspects that may appear smaller and less significant but are hugely important to the day as a whole. So with that in mind, a great piece of additional jewelry could come in the form of a stylish initial necklace, such as the elegant ones you can see here

These provide you with a great way to show your love for your bride or groom and can perfectly match other elements of jewelry you wear on a special day.

Mix it Up

As this is a day to remember and entirely for you to do as you please, don’t feel constrained to follow stale or boring conventions. Feel free to mix it up, and that means your engagement ring and wedding bands don’t have to match, and the jewelry you wear throughout the event can be mismatched as much as you like.

The key here is to use items that you adore and that you feel are perfect for the occasion. If you want to use a wedding planner who goes to the lengths of picking out your accessories, and that may take some of the weight of the burden off your shoulders, then that’s also fine.


As touched on earlier, wearing an heirloom or indeed an item of jewelry that just has a great deal of sentiment, then try to work it into your planning. Depending on the size of your wedding day, you will no doubt be wearing multiple outfits, and that gives you room to try out whatever you wish.

So perhaps that means that when you are getting ready, and friends, family, and a photographer are buzzing around, you can keep it simple and light with jewelry selections that are even perhaps playful.

Then for the vows, that could be when you pair your wedding band and engagement ring with something that relates to your family. Something that is a nod to where you come from and a little reminder to your nearest and dearest that they are part of the ceremony also.

Necklaces to Match Your Outfit

Make sure to match your necklace with the neckline of the outfit change that you are in, so that means if you have a v-neck, then pendants and necklaces that stand out (with large style ornamental features) will be best. 

An important note here is to make sure that any necklace you choose needs to rest on bare skin and not fabric, not least as you’ll see that it gets lost in the colors and design of the garment, whereas when it sits on your skin, it has room to breathe and be noticed.

Plan for the Long Haul

Your wedding day starts from the moment you wake up on the morning of the ceremony and ends when you collapse in a heap due to exhaustion, emotional hysteria (in a good way), and probably a little bit too much champagne.

So for those who have a million and one ideas when it comes to outfits and accessories, you just need to remember there are plenty of chances to try different looks and combinations but just be sure to plan ahead.

If you are going to have three or four outfit changes, just make sure that you know when they are going to happen and that you have the relevant help to prevent you from coming out the other end as a frizzy mess. 

If you want to push the envelope, that’s also fine. No one is going to tell you you’ve gone too far, and to be honest, do you care if they do? You only, fingers crossed, get married once, and this is your chance to take center stage, and that means you can take risks with your jewelry choices.