Five Reasons Why Your Next Car Should be a Honda


Are you looking for a new car?  Have you looked around at many different brands and still can’t decide which one is right for you?  Perhaps a Honda is the right vehicle for you.  Let’s take a look at the five reasons why your next car should be a Honda.

!!1. Reputation

Honda’s reputation for being one of the best buys that one can get for reliable and enjoyable transportation, is the first reason why your next car should be a Honda.  In fact, the Honda Accord is the most honored vehicle in Car and Driver 10Best history by a large margin.  They also were recognized by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for being a TOP SAFETY PICK and U.S. News and World Report for being the “Best Car for the Money” award.

!!2. Dependability

No one wants to buy a car to have it breakdown in just a few months or worse, just a few days.  Honda provides dependable, long-lasting vehicles that will keep you moving for well over 200,000 miles, most lasting for 300,000 before needing to fix any major problems.

!!3. Low Gas Mileage

Unless you opt for an electric car or hybrid, gas mileage is an important factor to consider when purchasing a vehicle.  A good gas mileage for a gasoline-powered car is around 30 miles per gallon.  Honda consistently provides cars that range from 30 miles per gallon all the way up to 38 miles per gallon.  Long road trip: here you come!

!!4. Stylish

Dependability, reputation, and low gas mileage are not the only aspects that you look for when buying a new car.   In fact, the first thing you look for in a new car is the way the car actually looks.  Honda has been providing elegant style for over 70 years.  Most Hondas are equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels, body-colored door handles, LED headlights and taillights, and an aluminum hood.  

Most include a  leather interior and custom-designed seats and dashboard.  Check out this for a clean and sporty Honda Fresno.  With a lunar silver metallic exterior and sleek design, this Sport CVT will have you riding in style.

!!5. Advanced Features

If you’re looking to buy a brand-new car with all the modern amenities, look no further than your local Honda dealer.  Honda provides the latest features and technologies of the modern car.

Most come with Honda’s Sensing Technologies such astheir Collision Mitigation Braking System, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Lane Keeping Assist System to keep you safe.  Speaking of safety, some models even include a Homelink Remote System that links to your home security system.  

They also offer wireless technology that connects to your iPhone or Android for seamless connection.  With audio touchscreens, remote engine starts, and heated seats, Honda has all the new bells and whistles you want in an innovative car brand.   

Reputation alone would be enough for most consumers to head to the Honda dealership, but with being dependable, providing low gas mileage, impeccable style, and modern and advanced features, why are you waiting?  Purchase your new Honda today.