The Complete Guide to Building a Successful YouTube Campaign

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Digital era came with a lot of opportunities to make money by doing something online. Among these opportunities, Youtube Marketing is the best way. Everybody in the world wants to make money online with YouTube marketing but it is not easy to do so. For making money on YouTube, you have to know all the steps about how to get more views on YouTube by creating, entertaining, informative and engaging videos.

Earning on Youtube depends on the number of views on your videos or channel. Here we have come up with a step-by-step guide of how to start a YouTube Marketing channel and easily make money online:

Creating your YouTube channel:

The first step that needs to do for making money on YouTube is creating a YouTube channel. For creating a YouTube channel you have to do the following steps:  

Login to your Gmail account. In the case, you have not created an account in Gmail, create it now and then visit YouTube

Click on the drop-up menu which is present on the left side of the YouTube logo

Go to My Channel option

Go to option “Set up your channel on YouTube”

Feed all your personal information for creating your own YouTube channel as well as a logo or profile image for the channel

Finding out your niche:

Millions of people share their hobbies or passion on YouTube and make money as well. So, you have to determine your passion or interest that you will like to share with the world. There are numerous ideas that you can choose and which helps you to buy YouTube subscribers easily.

For example, if you have a hidden talent of singing you should certainly create your Youtube channel. People all over the world love to listen to good songs. They always look for the voice which can strike the cord of their heart. As such you singing talent can give you a great opportunity to money and fame on your YouTube channel.

Again nowadays whenever a student faces any problem or needs to clear any doubt they go to online help. As such if you think that you are good in any subject and have an excellent talent of teaching then you have a great opportunity to make money with YouTube channel. Similarly, you have a lot of things that can help you to earn both fame and money with your YouTube channel. Just you have to recognize your niche and do YouTube marketing in the right way so that your talent can reach to the millions of people. 

Making strategy on YouTube content:

You certainly need an effective strategy to make money with your YouTube channel. You have to make some unique video that has the potentiality of going viral. For that, you must have excellent content and when you have high-quality content you can surely get a lot of attraction. What actually happens is that whenever any viewer like any video or learns something new from it they share it in their personal network. This is how the YouTube video goes viral and you get free YouTube subscribers.

Adding for AdSense:

This is the step that will enable you to earn money.  For adding AdSense, you have to do the following:

  • Log in to your YouTube channel
  • Click on My Channel menu option
  • Click on Video Manager option
  • Select Channel from the navigation menu present in the left side
  • Click on Enable option displayed before Monetization
  • Select the term and condition checkbox and click on the “I Accept” button
  • Click on the option “How will I be paid”
  • Click on “Association an AdSense account”
  • Feed all the information that was asked
  • Click on “Submit my application”

Once you submit the application then it will go for mobile verification and finally, the application for the AdSense will be approved.

Employing the best YouTube tool:

It is necessary to use some efficient YouTube tools that will help you to alleviate the process of creating your YouTube videos. There are various tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Evernote, Text to Speech app, Picture editing app, Social media campaign, etc. that will help in making appropriate YouTube videos. Google Keyword Planner will help you to select appropriate keywords, Evernote helps in making your speech clear, Text to Speech app is the app that generates text about what is spoken, Picture editing app helps in making excellent graphics, social media campaign helps in sharing the videos with various social media network. Thus all these tools will help you to buy YouTube views.
After performing all these steps you will become ready to earn money on YouTube and you can also monitor how much you have earned.