Suunto: World-Renowned Sport Watches

Suunto watch

If you’re looking for a watch that would fit your active lifestyle, the Suunto brand would be your great companion. This watch brand was established in 1936 by Tuomas Vuhlonen. From the deepest oceans to the highest mountain, the Suunto watch collection will surely help your dreamed adventures.

Suunto watch is not just your ordinary timepiece because it also has advanced features different from other brands. They have a vast collection of watches that have guaranteed quality and durability. This stylish yet affordable watch will all sport enthusiasts would love to have.

Suunto 7 All Black Watch SS050378000

It’s hard to balance your hectic schedule and exercise; you need a reliable timepiece that will help and keep up with your lifestyle. This smartwatch model from Suunto is created to help you with your active and busy life, to make sure that you will not miss any important meetings and scheduled hiking. 

This watch model features a free offline outdoor map and will monitor your heart rate. It can track your sports accurately and is compatible with your Smartphone. This has a silicone strap material and stainless steel bezel. Suunto 7’s impressive battery can last for more extended use and can withstand any weather.

Suunto 7 White Burgundy Watch SS050380000

This watch makes your everyday life easier. It features a white strap glass fiber reinforced polyamide case and white outer and burgundy inner silicone strap. This smartwatch is powered with Wear OS by Google. You can now track your to-do list, check calls, and view messages.

This watch model can also offer a more secure and faster payment scheme via Google pay. It also has Google Assistant features. The bezel is made from stainless steel material ideal for the long term and extreme sports activities. 

Suunto 5 All Black Compact Sports Watch SS050303000

Suunto’s watch model features an extraordinary battery life perfect for longer use like 24/7 hiking or outdoor adventures. It has Glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate material for the case and a silicone band for durability. This watch has an overall black color that will match any of your activewear. 

Suunto 5 Graphite Steel Watch SS050453000

This watch can perform in every step, stroke, and movement that will perform with you. It offers long battery life and multifunctional sport features making it very convenient to monitor your exercise or any sport-related activity. It will monitor and track your calories, stress, sleep, and steps for you to get ready for the next workout. 

Suunto 3 ZH Slate Grey Copper Watch SS050495000

The Suunto SS050495000 model features copper bezels and crowns that match its black straps and case. It has a powerful quartz movement. It has silicone straps that are best for any weather conditions and are perfect for bikers. You can also see its date window at the 9oclock position.

Suunto 9 G1 ZH Baro Lime Watch SS0450000

Same with other models, this watch will not make you worry about its battery lifespan. This rugged and durable smartwatch with a lime color strap is designed for the demanding life of athletes. It features GPS, can tell your heart rate and barometer. The catchy lime color on the edge of its straps makes this watch eye-catching.


You can never go wrong with a Suunto watch if you’re a sports enthusiast. They are now the leading sports watch brand globally. With its forefront style and innovation, this watch collection will surely be one of your ideal watches.

You can now go for your dream adventures and equip yourself with Suunto watches. Its lightweight quality material is suitable for trails and longer hours of workouts. The GPS features will make you confident in the wilderness. Equipped with Google features that you can sync, this watch is one of the best.

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