Top Reasons Why Employees Resign

Employees Resign

Employees are resigning and leaving their jobs in high numbers right now. In fact, research from Personio and Opinium illustrates that in the UK, around 40 per cent of employees are aiming to switch roles within the next six to 12 months. Constantly identifying and replacing staff can drain your company’s resources though. Below, we explore the top reasons why employees resign. 

Change in management

When management changes it can be an uncertain time for your employees. If they were all wondering about leaving, this could harden their decision. Plus, if the management were well-liked then it could be morale sapping when a change occurs. When the transition happens, make sure that you take the time to speak to the affected employees about the process and try and ease any worries they might have. Then, when the new manager takes over, encourage the hire to take the time to chat and familiarise themselves with the team they’ll be working with. Alternatively, if employees are suffering from a lack of leadership within the company, you could search for external leadership development services


Salary is a natural reason why an employee might want to leave. If someone’s capable of earning more away from the company, then it’s highly likely that they’ll be looking to pursue this opportunity. The main way to deal with this is by offering competitive salaries alongside other benefits. At the same time, employees develop over time and become more skilled. It’s worth regularly assessing performance and recognising growth in skills by arranging salary reviews. If an employee can see a path upwards in the company and the commensurate salary rises, then it’s more likely that you’ll retain them. Money isn’t everything, though. Often there’ll be accompanying reasons alongside salary, and it can be helpful finding these out. 


An optimally functioning business operates as a team. If someone within that team feels like they’re undervalued, then this could be a problem. Being undervalued could relate to receiving little credit for their work or other members receiving more praise. In some circumstances, employees could also become frustrated with a lack of responsibilities. The best way to solve this is to create an environment where employees are deservedly recognised. Make sure that you continually assess performance and offer praise when credit is due. 

Employee appreciation gifts are one way by which companies and senior level executives can show gratitude to all employees and team members. This can be done during times of appraisal as well as during the holiday seasons. Small acts and gestures of giving recognition to the employees helps them feel a valued and important part of a business organization. Over a period, this can help in improving attrition rates and bettering loyalty in the business.

There are many reasons why employees will want to move on. From management changes to salary and the way they’re valued, employees will often leave if they aren’t happy. But by understanding the reasons for leaving, you should be in a better position to improve your workplace and retain staff at a higher rate. 

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