How to Use a Rented Jackhammer from a Jackhammer Hire Service?

Jackhammer Hire Service

A jackhammer is an equipment that is widely used in construction projects and is used extensively for breaking rocks, pavements, and other concrete structures. A Jackhammer is essentially a hammer with a chisel attached to it and is operated via a power source instead of manually using a hammer and chisel to break up things. Sometimes the bit used at the end of the chisel may vary depending on the surface that the Jackhammer is being used on. The way a jackhammer works is rather quite simple. The hammer using either compressed air or an electric motor is pushed up and down with speed and power so that the chisel can penetrate the surface that is to be destroyed. Instead of purchasing a jackhammer, you have the option to go for jackhammer hire. Let’s know more.

If you are looking to get a Jackhammer hire, then you must know that based on their size, Jackhammers can be distinguished into two categories. The first type is the handheld jackhammer, while the other type is the Jackhammer mounted on rigs. The second type is quite large as compared to the handheld Jackhammers. While most smaller handheld Jackhammers are pneumatic and are using compressed air for operation, some jackhammers are designed to be powered by electricity as well. On the contrary, larger Jackhammers that are mounted on rigs are often powered by hydraulics and are widely used in construction machines.

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Tips for Using a Rented Jackhammer from Jackhammer Hire Service

A Jackhammer is a power tool, and using a jackhammer requires you to follow certain specific guidelines and safety precautions. The following are a few tips that can be quite helpful in using a Jackhammer safely and effectively.

  1. Mental and physical fitness: A Jackhammer is a heavy machine, and thus it requires sufficient physical as well as mental strength to handle and maneuver this device. It must be remembered that this is not a toy and must be handled and used with care. If used incorrectly, the device could break and you may end up having to pay for damages to the Jackhammer hire Service. Thus, acknowledging the technology and its capabilities, and subsequently using it as per guidelines is necessary.
  2. The power cord or air hose must be placed securely: The power cord or the air hose is the lifeline of the Jackhammer. If it is severed or disconnected, then the Jackhammer would, of course, stop working, or even worse, if the power cord is damaged, it could potentially lead to electrocution. It would be unwise to take such risks, thus it is advised to ensure that the power cord is placed safely. While using the jackhammer, it must be ensured that the power cord is not severed.
  3. Using the correct bit for the surface is key: Jackhammers come with a variety of bits that are used variably for different surface types. Using the correct bit not only increases the effectiveness of the tool but also ensures that you do not end up wrecking the Jackhammer which you rented from the Jackhammer hire service. For instance, it is wise to use a pointed bit to penetrate though a rock, but it is smarter to use a spade bit on asphalt and concrete.
  4. Safety precautions are a must: As stated earlier, a Jackhammer is a power tool, which is heavy and requires the use of certain precautions. For instance, you must ensure that the hose or the power cord is fastened safely, or that you are wearing safety gear while using the Jackhammer. Also, it is advised to ensure that once the work is done, the Jackhammer is not kept idle with its cord still connected. It must be disconnected and stored properly in a safe place.

By following the above tips and tricks for jackhammer hire, you can ensure that when you use a rented Jackhammer from a Jackhammer hire Service, you are able to make the best use of the tool and save yourself from any hassle.