Keep You & Your Patients Even Safer with Insurance for Assisted Living Facilities

Insurance for Assisted Living Facilities

Working at an assisted living facility and caring for those in need is a rewarding, yet demanding, responsibility. That is why Insurance for Assisted Living Facilities is so important; it adds an extra level of protection for you and the people who depend on you.

Caring for the elderly or disabled is an around-the-clock job. Whether preparing meals and feeding your patients, supervising their medication, bathing patients or making sure they are happy and entertained on a daily basis, there are a lot of essential duties that must be done. This can lead to a higher chance of an accident or mishap occurring. According to McKnight’s Senior Living, assisted living claims are currently paying out even more than skilled nursing claims, on average. There are roughly 30,000 assisted living facilities in the United States with close to 1 million people living in one.

With so many lives depending on these facilities, you would think that they would be inspected and maintained routinely. Yet, according to a report from the Government Accountability Office, officials in 30 states do not routinely review the licensing and certification of facilities, with 18 failing to even look at the results from site visits. This can lead to environmental hazards such as wet floors or poor lighting, which leads to 16-27% of falls among assisted facility or nursing home residents. Elderly patients are fragile and need more care, so any kind of fall or accident can cause serious harm to patients and lead to potential liability claims against your facility.

Thankfully, Insurance for Assisted Living Facilities can give facilities and their employees’ a little more breathing room to do their jobs and a safety net in the event of the worst happening on site. Not every insurance company offers specific coverage plans for assisted living facilities or even offers any kind of policy that can keep you safe from certain claims or lawsuits. That is why so many facilities and nursing homes trust XINSURANCE to cover them from claims such as negligence, medical malpractice, any kind of alleged abuse, or whatever might leave your facility open to liability.

For years, XINSURANCE has made a name for themselves by offering to ensure the kind of people, places and things that other companies are not willing to cover. They go out of their way to offer potential clients unique and customizable coverage plans that can keep you and your employees safe and able to focus on providing patients with the best experience possible. Whether it is coverage from general liability, personal liability, alleged abuse, assault or battery liability, or just property coverage, you can be sure that XINSURANCE will offer it. They make it their mission to fill in the cracks and gaps that exist in many other insurance policies. When it comes to the care they offer to assisted living facilities, XINSURANCE is just like you and the people you employ – there when people need them most.

If you want to know more about their Insurance for Assisted Living Facilities and all that it entails, go to to get a quote and find out more. Learn more about how you can customize your plan so that it fits into your budget and meets your specific needs. You can also call 877-585-2853 to speak with any of their skilled field underwriters who are happy to tell you more about this wonderful opportunity. Discover the benefits of their unique “all-in-one” approach to insurance that will give your facility broader coverage and higher limits with the potential for even more.

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