The Basics of Building Maintenance You Should Know

building maintenance in Gold Coas

Gold Coast is an Australian region that is located in the eastern coast south of Brisbane. Gold Coast is known for its long sandy beaches perfect for lounging and surfing. The most notable establishment in the Gold Coast is Dreamworld and Sea World which draws in an average of 20 million visitors per year. 

Imagine having more than 20 million people visiting an establishment per year. With that many people, there may be facilities in that establishment that may develop wear and tear because of too many uses. This is why commercial establishments such as Sea World need to have regular building maintenance in Gold Coast.

What is Building Maintenance?

The term building maintenance is a collection of all the tasks to ensure that a facility or commercial building is kept comfortable and functional for all its users. Building maintenance for commercial buildings includes but not limited to regularly emptying the trash cans and disposal of waste, making sure that fixtures in bathrooms are working, repairing broken items, maintenance of electrical systems, and making sure that the heating and air conditioning systems are working properly. 

Building maintenance may extend to the maintenance of outdoor areas as well, which includes landscape management, lawn care, and sprinkler systems management. For establishments such as Sea World, building maintenance will also involve the maintenance of persons with disabilities (PWD) access ramps and railings. 

Who are the Different Types of Maintenance Workers?

Building maintenance workers range from inexperience to experience individuals. Individuals with little or minimal training will often be placed in the rank and file personnel while those that have undergone training are positioned as supervisors. Here is the division of personnel for building maintenance in Gold Coast:

Janitorial or custodial staff

These are the individuals that handle the manual cleaning of the facility. Their tasks include but are not limited to mopping and vacuuming of floors, cleaning bathrooms, and washing windows. 

Maintenance Technician

These are individuals that have a higher position than custodians and are tasked to perform regular inspection and maintenance of utility systems such as electrical and gas utilities, plumbing, and HVAC systems. Technicians will work on tasks that are specified in the work orders and report to their supervisors.  

Maintenance Supervisors

Maintenance supervisors are responsible for planning, assigning, and managing a team to work on a particular building. They carry out the scheduling of personnel for short- and long-term shifts. Maintenance supervisors are also responsible for giving feedback on their team’s performance and handling personnel issues such as interviewing and hiring, training and performance appraisals. The number of supervisors assigned to a building will depend on the size of the building and the hours of operation for the building. 

What are the Organizations that Use Building Maintenance?

Businesses that hold office in physical establishments will require building maintenance. Smaller businesses may outsource and hire a company offering building maintenance in Gold Coast. On the other hand, large businesses that occupy a whole building may develop their in-house building maintenance department.

Residential complexes such as condominium buildings and apartment complexes will also need to hire building maintenance services to maintain common areas such as the lobby and the shared gardens. It is a common practice for residential areas to leave the responsibility of cleanliness of indoor living spaces to residents that rent the units. 

Government offices also hire building maintenance teams to ensure that government offices such as libraries and post offices are in good working condition and are comfortable for the public to use. 

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