Buckhead Shore: Things To Know About The Latest MTV Reality Show

Buckhead Shore
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If you are a lover of the series Jersey Shore, then get ready for the exciting Buckhead shore that will follow the same formula. Well, the reality TV series Buckhead from SallyAnn Salsano is finally coming and fans just can’t keep quiet about it. According to the sources, it has filmed recently and the first episode was released back in June 2022

So, if you want to know more about this reality TV show, then you are at the right place. Here we will tell you everything that you need to know about this awesome series. For, example, we will tell you a few interesting facts relating to the cast of Buckhead shore, and also about the location. So, now’s the time to dig into this article and get everything about this reality TV show.

An Overview Of Buckhead Shore

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So, if you want to know about MTV Buckhead shore, then let us tell you a few facts about the show. As we know already, it’s a very famous American reality TV show that premiered on 23rd June, in the year 2022. 

Just like its predecessors, this show deals with the life of nine young adults who live together for a summer. In this show, the group of friends makes a name for themselves in Georgia, or Beverly Hills of Atlanta. 

Of course, just like Jersey Shore, this show also does contain a fair bit of drinking, catty behavior, and sexual innuendos. Needless to say, it’s one of the most popular Jersey Shore spin-offs. However, this show also has its issues and there are a few mixed reactions from the fans. 

For example, there’s an episode where someone gets hurt. But, we can say that the story had its potential. It’s a voyeuristic unscripted series that deals with a group of friends’ lives in the Beverly Hills of Atlanta. 

Talking about the Buckhead Shore location, we have already mentioned earlier that the show is set in Georgia, or what they call, the Beverly Hills of Atlanta. The Parker family’s lake house is in Lake Burton and that’s why we can say that the show takes place just outside Buckhead. It’s quite famous for its upscale malls and art galleries. So, it’s a fascinating scenic place that has lots of potential for adventures as well. The facts also tell us that the directors filmed this show 100 miles north in Lake Burton, Georgia. 

Cast Of Buckhead Shore

Cast Of Buckhead Shore
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Now let’s talk about the nine friends of Buckhead show or Buckhead shore cast. First, we have Juju Barney, who is 33 years old. So, he is also famous as the King of Clubs. He is a person who’s very easygoing and almost like a social butterfly. Next, we also have Katie Canham aka Queen Bae. She’s the blonde bombshell of the group aged 27. 

Of course, who can forget the gorgeous Savannah Gabriel who graced the screen with her mere presence? Moreover, one should also talk about Adamo Giraldo, the 22-year-old guy who loves parties. He is quite loving, caring, and very down to earth as well. 

Next, we also have Parker Lipman, the 28-year-old family man. Add to the list of the nine friends, Bethania Locke and Pat Muresan as well. Last but not least, the cast also includes Chelsea Prescott and DJ Simmons as well. Overall, we have a very vibrant group for the Jersey Shore spin-off. 


  • Where is Buckhead shore?

Buckhead shore is in Georgia, Atlanta, a gorgeous place known as Beverly Hills of Atlanta. 

  • Where is Buckhead shore filmed?

According to the facts, the directors filmed this reality TV series in Lake Burton, Georgia, USA. 

  • What is Buckhead shore?

Buckhead Shore is a very popular MTV reality TV show by Sallyann Salsano. It’s a popular Jersey Shore Spin-off released on 23rd June 2022. 

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